5 Friday Favorites: Squirrel Friends Edition

We’re on a roll! Three in a row is an accomplishment for us. Here’s the third installment of 5 Friday Favorites. This week is all about squirrel friends.

The goal with the series is to simply provide you with 5 things we loved this week. It could be products we’re using, services we can’t quit, or vacation spots we loved. Or maybe just a moment we spent playing a game together. Either way, we aim to capture glimpses of our life here on the blog rather than just on social media. And in doing so, maybe we’ll inspire you to find something you love, too! ♥

5 Friday Favorites: Squirrel Friends Edition

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1 – Penny’s Squirrel Nest

Today, Penny, our baby Boston Terrier is getting spayed. We’re thinking about her and wishing her well. We thought you might be interested in Penny’s favorite toy, which has brought the whole family joy!

Penny is a terrier, and terriers were bred to hunt troublesome rodent pests. We see that legacy in her when she tries to dig a hole in blankets or when she chases our cats. But this toy is the best terrier toy we have. She loves to dig into and pull out the squirrels from their nest and then proudly present them to us (right after she squeaks them to assure us they’re taken care of). Sometimes she’ll want to play fetch with them or she will hide them from herself so she can reach underneath a couch and retrieve it. We love to watch her play with them! Definitely a recommendation for any dog that loves digging!

2 – Geek Out

On Saturday, Matt had his 38th birthday. And, since he’s a big fan of tabletop games, he got several. While he absolutely loved Dice Throne, the biggest hit at the party was Geek Out. It’s a party game that asks you to bid on how many items you can list in certain geeky topics like “Hogwarts Teachers” or “Fictional Governments” or “Video Game Villains”. We had The Domestic Man and That Paleo Couple, who are moving away very soon and we will very much miss, and other friends (like A Tribe Beyond Blessed) sitting around the table and trying to think up lists and out do each other. The battles were heated and hilarious; it was a tremendous amount of fun!

3 – Cleansing Balm

One of our favorite Beautycounter products is the Cleansing Balm. Finian uses it for his VERY sensitive, eczema prone skin, especially on his face. It’s his favorite product, better than over a dozen other eczema specific cream he’s tried. Stacy uses it before her microderm treatment as a simple one-step solution to help smooth her skin. [video on that here] We also use it in place of petroleum jelly (refresher on why not to use petroleum jelly!) to seal, moisturize and heal skin abrasions, sores or anywhere else we need it, like Matt’s dry knuckles or cuticles.

Normally you’d pay $80 for a full size jar, which, we admit, is a lot. Which is why right now until Monday, you can get it for FREE with a $175 purchase. That’s a HUGE gift, and one we highly recommend you take advantage of! Just order here and your Cleansing Balm will be added to your qualifying order automatically!

4 – Rainbow Flag

We’ve had a rainbow flag hanging from our porch for the past couple years, since we moved into our new home with a flag pole. We first hung it to honor Matt’s late brother, who was bisexual, as well as all our friends and family who are part of the LGBTQ+ community. We’ve had two children in our neighborhood directly tell us how much they appreciated seeing it and feeling welcome. We are, above all else, humanitarians.

Recently, the flag that had flown through all sorts of weather started tearing and needed to be replaced, so we ordered a new one. Stacy thought that bright, vividly colored new flag was beautiful in front of a background of our snow coated street, and so posted a message of love and inclusiveness on Instagram. And boy did that strike some nerves!

Just to be clear: we love and respect humans; we will never support bigoted beliefs, particularly those beliefs that will harm people we love. All are welcome in our home, from pride to peace – so long as they can also welcome, love and respect others. ♥

5 – Ru Paul’s Drag Race

Speaking of squirrel friends… this month is an awesome, epic month for one of our favorite shows. This Emmy-winning reality program has brought LGBTQ+ community to main stream, and we are loving it! One of Stacy and Matt’s first dates was at a drag show in Virginia Beach. We’ve always been friends of the community, and loved this Season’s All Star’s 4 finale but are even more excited to meet the queens of the upcoming Season 11 – airing soon! If you are a fan, we highly recommend geeking out (pun intended) on some of this year’s cast on Instagram and YouTube. It’s gonna be GOOD!

And yes, we watch this show that teaches inclusiveness and self love and acceptance with our boys. Wesley loves art and is the biggest humanitarian peace lover we’ve ever met. Finn loves the musical performances, and Cole – a 13yo middle schooler – knows more about this stuff than us. I love sharing culture with the boys – and this is another way to help then learn that all humans are equal in deserving of love and respect.

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