The Whole View with Stacy Toth, Season 3, Episode 105: Preserving Patient Relationships within Modern Medicine & Healthcare w/ Dr. Alan Lindemann & Diane Haugen

Dr. Alan Lindemann and Diane Haugen join us with insights from rural American in navigating our healthcare system. Dr. Lindemann and Diane have been long-time advocates for consumer action for quality healthcare, exposing the burden of insurance companies, and are passionate about the relationship between direct primary care physicians and patients.

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Key Takeaways


  • “Rural Doc” Alan Lindemann, M.D is an obstetrician and maternal health expert who advocates for quality health care for all. He’s been learning, practicing, and teaching for 50 years, with over 6,000 babies delivered and achieved a maternal mortality rate of zero! Stacy is big fan of his work as it relates to empowering women for their own healthcare. He also authored Pregnancy Your Way: Choose a Safe and Happy Birth.
  • Diane Haugen is a writer, editor, and teacher. After she graduated from Carnegie Mellon with her second M.A., she began co-writing medical books with her partner, Dr. Lindemann. They have created many valuable resources for women everywhere, including a web site of his blog posts and podcasts which has been visited by people from 117 countries.

Preserving Patient Relationships within Modern Medicine & Healthcare

Single payer, universal healthcare is only reasonable. Most countries have universal healthcare. Just imagine if you had to have insurance to get the police to come to your house. Or if you had to have the right insurance to get the firefighters to come to your house. We provide public services, it’s not that it’s a foreign idea. But the biggest problem between where we are and where we need to be is the insurance companies. – Dr. Alan Lindemann

  • Dr. Lindemann believes that in order to have good patient outcomes you have to have good doctor-patient relationships. Their first book, Modern Medicine, is all about preserving good patient relationships and what interferes with that.
  • At the time they wanted consumers to take action and go to their legislators and talk to them about keeping the patient relationship intact and not let “big business” medicine. Unfortuantely, the system is so complex, legislators don’t even understand what’s going on.
  • They believe direct primary care physicians are the key to good patient relationship, but insurance wants to be the middleman for profit-making purposes and lobby legislators. Direct Primary Care is an alternative payment model improving access to high functioning healthcare with a simple, flat, affordable membership fee. The patient gets to understand and choose what their options are.
  • Dr Lindemann believes managed care, through insurance, is designed to negated choice, autonomy, and freedom.

Other Issues in Healthcare

  • Another issue in medicine right now is a nursing shortage, both candidates and practicing. Dr. Lindemann believes daycare options and supporting local nurses (versus having many locum nurses) are some beginning solutions.
  • Stacy also notes that she has had several on the show who struggle with insurance and liability preventing them from achieving their goal of going into medicine: to help people. As a data geek myself, she loved their take on empowering patients with outcomes and information on hospitals, clinics, and doctors. So we’ve taken to use review tools online, but there can be so much misinformation from a specific bias experience. It’s hard to get any iinformation, reliable or not, so a lot of folks depend on word-of-month.

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Note: Stacy and her guests are not medical professionals. This podcast is for general educational purposes only. It is NOT intended to diagnose, advise, or treat any physical or mental illness. We always recommend you consult a licensed service provider.

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