The Whole View, Season 3, Episode 84: (w)Holistic Pet Care w/ Dr. Marty Goldstein

Welcome functional veterinarian and holistic pet care advocate Dr. Marty Goldstein to The Whole View! Stacy and Dr. Marty discuss the importance of individualized integrated heath care for your pets and the science of biologically appropriate diets and supplementation to help our furry companions live the healthiest and longest life possible.

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Key Takeaways 


  • Dr. Marty is an esteemed functional veterinarian, founder of Dr. Marty Pets, and a leading voice in integrative veterinary medicine for more than 45 years.
  • Dr. Marty Goldstein earned his DVM from Cornell University in 1973, and he also was certified by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society in 1977 and was one of the founding members of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.
  • Furthermore, his impressive track record in improving pet health led Forbes to label him a “Miracle Worker.” His knowledge has been sought by various media outlets, resulting in appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Martha Stewart Show, Good Morning America, and more.
  • He was also the subject of the well-received documentary “The Dog Doc,” which provides an insightful look into his innovative work in holistic veterinary medicine.

Holistic Pet Care

  • As a functional integrated vet, Dr. Marty works with both conventional and alternative medicine. Furthermore, also believes that true holistic medicine is the umbrella over both. However, Dr. Marty works in about 90% alternatives at this point, as most of his pet patients have already failed conventional medical treatments.
  • Not only do companion animals represent the dynamic of unconditional love, they also provide many health benefits.
  • Because of the intense energetic connection between companion animals and their people, reestablishing hope to the pet parents regarding their really ill pets is an important part Dr. Marty’s initial consult.
  • Dr. Marty believes that “it all starts with food”. So he recommends a biologically appropriate diet vs. a “scientifically-appropriate” diet. Dogs are considered omnivores and cats are obligate carnivores.
  • Just like humans, animals also need individualized treatment. S0 Dr. Marty recommends working closely with a integrated veterinarian to get specific recommendations based on their own metabolic and genetic makeup.
  • Furthermore, Stacy and Dr. Marty briefly discuss toxins and pets; there is research is being done, including a study that showed flame retardants linked to hypothyroidism in older male cats.
  • Dr. Marty does recommend a concentrated food supplement to make up for the deficits that we’ve created in the food chain over the decades and anything passed along genetically.

Studies, References & Products


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Note: Stacy and her guests are not medical professionals. This podcast is for general educational purposes and NOT intended to diagnose, advise, or treat any physical or mental illness. We always recommend you consult a licensed service provider.

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