The Whole View, Season 3, Episode 71: Get an Inner Workout Through Approachable Self-Care w/ Taylor Elyse Morrison

Welcome author, facilitator, and coach Taylor Elyse Morrison to The Whole View. This week, Stacy and Taylor discuss five dimensions of self-care, and -spoiler alert- it involves more than just taking a bath or scheduling a massage! Taylor explains why returning to our communal nature as humans is important and why getting an inner workout may be even better than heading to the gym.

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Key Takeaways


  • Taylor turned being bad at self-care—and being firmly convinced of every human’s potential—into a career.
  • She’s the founder of media company Inner Workout that focuses on mental health, and also the author of a book by the same name.
  • Furthermore, Taylor and Inner Workout have been featured in Fortune, named one of 10 Innovators Shaping the Future of Health, as well as SELF, The Cut, Forbes, Bustle, and many more!
  • Her book, Inner Workout offers a practical and accessible approach to self-care that meets you where you’re at. Additionally, her Take Care assessment, measures well-being across five dimensions.
  • Taylor’s mission is not to change who you are; but rather to strengthen your connection to the wisdom you already have within.

Approachable Self-Care

“I’m not vilifying the mainstream approach to self-care. I’m saying it’s incomplete.
You can’t buy your way out of burnout.
You can’t “treat yo-self” out of a lifestyle that’s unsustainable.
Doing more, even more wellness-y things, won’t necessarily make you feel less stressed.” – Taylor Elyse Morrison, Instagram

  • Humans were made to exist in community. There’s only so much capacity that we have, so if we are trying to be everything and give everything to ourselves plus be a lot for a lot of people – that’s how we get burnt out. We need to bring other people with us for capacity, as well as having people to celebrate with and be held accountable by.
  • There is so much more than your physical body to take care of. Taylor’s 5 dimensions of self-care are loosely based and her own interpretation of the yogic concept of Koshas. The dimensions of self-care are physical, energy, mental & emotional, wisdom, and bliss.
  • Furthermore, self-care is a conversation. We are meant to need different things based on the seasons of our life; it’s about listening within. So it’s okay for you to change, and it would actually be really strange if you never needed to tweak anything.
  • Taylor shared that she received an ADHD diagnosed as an adult. In her experience, flexible structure has been helpful. She describes it as needing novelty and interest, but like a playground with a fence around it.
  • Self-care has been commercialized in a lot of ways, but just that it doesn’t need to cost anything.

Next Steps

  • Sometimes we just hear the word “self-care” so much that we forget that it is about feeling cared for. It is about you making yourself feel cared for. So if you’re at this place where everything is just an obligation, Taylor notes that you’re not actually feeling acred for, you’re just checking boxes.
  • She recommends taking some time to be present with yourself without distraction and asking: How am I feeling? What do I need right now? How can I give to myself with love?
  • Take the Inner Workout Take Care Assessment for free
  • Stacy checks in with herself on the top of each hour so she doesn’t get lost in what she’s doing

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Note: Stacy and her guests are not medical professionals. This podcast is for general educational purposes and NOT intended to diagnose, advise, or treat any physical or mental illness. We always recommend you consult a licensed service provider.


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