The Whole View, Episode 432: Giving Thanks

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Welcome to episode 432  of The Whole View! This week, Stacy and Sarah go over the benefits of mindful meditation and giving thanks. They take a few minutes to reflect on what they’re thankful for this year and encourage listeners to do the same!

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The Whole View, Episode 432: Giving Thanks

Welcome back to episode 430 of the Whole View. (0:27)

This week is all about positive mindsets and giving thanks.

Stacy opens the shows talking about how thankful she is for laughter and how she’d like to take some time this week to focus on what we are grateful for this week.

She also jokes about how embarrassing it is, but she’d like to share one of the meditative practices she’s been doing.

Meditation is something that Stacy has often struggled with. She can’t sit down and do a guided meditation.

She hopes that it might make you realize, as it did for her, even just taking a couple of minutes to focus on breathing can have a huge impact on your health and wellness.

Sarah explains it’s not just about mindset.

It’s actually rewires the brain and the connectivity between different areas. It limits the overactive flight-or-fight response and helps to regulate a ton of hormones. It is very well understood as a tool.

Dan Siegel’s site and the book can be found by following this link, which Sarah thinks is a great place to start. 

Dr. Siegel studies the science behind mindfulness and how it’s impacting the brain and other biological systems. 

Sarah recommends starting with his book Mindset. She adds he has a lot of other great books to check out for kids and teens especially.

Stacy jokes that she will not be reading them. But she is super thankful to Sarah for sharing that information!

Stacy’s Breathing Exercise

Stacy explains that she came to this type of meditation while trying to make quiet time for herself. (6:35)

Before then, she wasn’t incorporating breathing until she got sick with the coronavirus. 

Lung health was something she could control and manage while she was sick. And it’s since been something she’s kept on for stress relief. 

Stacy tells listeners the exercise has you breathe in slowly for a four-count, hold it for a four-count, and then exhale for an eight count. 

The goal in doubling the amount of time you’re exhaling, you’re mindfully slowing down and thinking about needing to exhale slowly.

She adds that she wants listeners to cycle through it three times. 

You should feel your chest rising and your lungs filling. 

When Stacy does this exercise, it takes her about 2-5 minutes to cycle through, depending on how much she wants to do it. 

Positive Affirmations

She tries to practice giving thanks to the things she’s grateful for as she practices it.

Stacy shares she is grateful for all the parts of her body doing jobs she doesn’t even know they’re doing.

“Think about how you’re just grateful to exist in that body in that moment, and tell your body that you love it. You have to mean it! Sometimes faking it before making it is okay. You’re grateful for being able to do all of those things. Tell your body is whole. You are whole. Your body is a gift. It’s a vessel for who you are and what you are. And I know we all get hung up on our imperfections, so the more that you tell yourself: I am whole; I love myself; I love my body; my body is worthy of love; I am worthy love; I am incredible, smart, kind, generous…” All of the things that you can feel proud of, of what you are, think them, say them out loud, whatever you want to do while you practice your breathing.”

Stacy shares how ridiculous and silly it seems to her but concedes that it actually is a great way to reflect on mindset while focusing on your wellness.

Within a couple of minutes, she feels so much better and better able to handle her life stress.

Alternatives to Meditation

Sarah jokes that there is science in this, but it may seem a little out-there to regular viewers.

Gratitude journaling is a great alternative if meditation isn’t really your thing and has shown to be very effective. Plus, you can even do it digitally if you prefer.

Sarah also tries to jot little things she’s grateful for on little scraps of paper and uses them to fill a jar.

There’s a lot of resilience that comes out of taking the time to focus on positive things that we can appreciate.

It’s really easy to get into this negative thought process and being intentional in thinking about the positives and bringing perspective to our lives.

Especially with the challenges of this year, developing a habit like this can be very beneficial.

Sarah shares her personal experiences with integrating grateful meditation and journaling into her life.

Mindset Is Key

Stacy thinks the idea of being aware of what you’re grateful for is beneficial. (17:13)

She shares that she is thankful for her patience.

Stacy jokes that she does not have infinite patience, that she’s a perfectionist, and can be very competitive.

She shares that she worked very hard this year on developing more patience, and she’s very thankful for the progress she’s seen. 

Sarah gives thanks for the strength and resiliency she’s developed over the years.

This year really put Sarah to the test, so she’s thankful she had that skillset in place to help her navigate.


Giving Thanks to Life & Family

Stacy is thankful for the changes she made to her life 18 months ago that made this year so much more manageable.(25:03)

She shares the changes she and her family made for any new listeners.

Stacy is also very grateful for realizing her other dream of being a foster parent. And that her family was up for supporting that dream.

She also shares that they will be fostering two siblings for the holidays.

Sarah gives thanks for rediscovering a very good marriage and that the pandemic allowed them to have a lot of high-quality family time. 

She is also very thankful for the chance to get to know her children at the age they are now.

Stacy talks a little bit about her boys and how they’re doing with virtual school.

She also references this post about a comedian reading her 2020 goals list for anyone looking for a laugh.

Sarah is thankful for her team – Charissa, Nicole, Kiersten, and Denise – and their adaptability since many of their 2020 plans wasn’t workable this year.

Stacy thinks it’s important to acknowledge that adaptability is not only for business but also for helping others who are also stuck at home.

She is also thankful for Penny, who has joined their family 2 years ago now as an emotional support animal.

Stacy and Sarah both share how integral their puppies have been to their emotional health, this year especially. 

Stacy talks about her husband Matt, and how much she’s thankful for everything he does. 


Giving Thanks to the Community

She also is so thankful for all the frontline workers out there who are doing everything they can to help others. (38:13)

Sarah adds that online shopping, zoom, and the Internet are all on her gratitude list.

Stacy also gives thanks to YOU listeners.

You all support her and Sarah in ways they never imagined possible when they started this podcast years ago.

Sarah also so thankful for their Patreon family and shares this comment from a listener:

“There’s so much to say, I’ll try to make it concise. I will start with this – the reason I joined Patreon was because I wanted to support you. Period. You have both given me so much, more than I can put into words – my heart feels it.

I wanted to support you, even monetarily with a small amount a month (and it really isn’t a lot). (The cost of feeding 5 kids in Africa (if you remember the commercial from when we were kids). As it turns out, I’m getting so much from the Patreon content (and I shouldn’t be surprised) – more frankness, honesty, and judgement free commentary that continues to make me grow. I feel even more connected to you now. As you say Stacy “I know we’d be besties if we could be”.

I call you my gurus and my kids laugh (“what are they monks?”, they ask). Wishing you both health safety, love, prosperity, kindness, nachas (have no idea how to explain that in English) and continued personal growth. I encourage anyone who enjoys your podcast as much as I do to support you through Patreon too – you deserve it. Devora”

Stacy is so touched and grateful that she’s getting the information she wants and needs.


Final Thoughts

Stacy is also thankful for her updated kitchen due to the amount of cooking that’s taken place in her house in the last year.

Sarah shares her last gratitude is Stacy. She’s so glad to have been able to maintain her friendship with Stacy through doing this podcast.

She is also thankful to Matt and Moira for the work they do produce this podcast.

And the mutual respect she and Stacy have is so amazing.

Stacy jokes that she’s blushing. And that she feels the same way.

She’s so thankful for Sarah, her drive to be the voice of science, and stand up to do the right thing in the community.

Stacy takes a moment to thank listeners for tuning in today and hopes you have a great rest of the week!

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