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 Join moms Sarah and Stacy on The Paleo View Podcast for Gossip, Science and Answers to your questions!

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Nominated for Best of 2013 Podcast and Best of 2014 Podcast by Paleo Magazine, The Paleo View is an entertaining podcast with a specific show format that feels like you’re having a conversation with your best friends. Aimed at helping people who want to live a healthy and eat real foods, the show focuses on nutrient density, low-inflammation lifestyles, medical research and science, and the hosts own personal experiences. Sarah and Stacy make the show easy enough to understand for anyone just thinking about going gluten-free and offer fun knowledge-bombs for even the hardest-core paleoites eating organ meat for breakfast… and everything in between!

Topics of the show include transitioning out of a standard diet (processed foods), managing disease and Autoimmune conditions, pregnancy and breastfeeding, weight-loss (S&S have lost over 250lbs combined!), emotional and eating disorders, living paleo as a family, interviewing paleo “weblebrities” and so much more. Not to mention, as bestselling Paleo authors, Stacy and Sarah love to talk about food!

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