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Sheet Pan Fajitas – Nightshade-Free and AIP-Friendly

You read that right, a one-dish fajita method that’s AIP-friendly and nightshade free. What is this magic… or why would we want to have fajitas without peppers and salsa? Read on, friend… Currently, we’re a divided family and it’s…


Egg-Free AIP Breakfast Round-Up

It doesn’t take much to overdo eggs when you are following a Paleo lifestyle. We get it – they are a delicious, diverse, affordable protein, but there are so many other delicious, nutrient-dense options to be enjoyed, especially at…


Super Gyro Meatball Bowls

There is a genius local chain here in the DC area called Cava Mezze Grill. It’s probably my very favorite fast restaurant ever because they have taken the idea of Chipotle and placed it firmly in the Mediterranean culinary…


Crispy Orange Pork

During our snow break, we really wanted Chinese takeout. This is pretty typical of people with cabin fever: man do I ever wish I could have something that there is no way I can procure for myself! In particular,…