Stacy’s Weekly Wrap-Up, Nov 28th: All The Holiday Feels

The holiday season is officially underway! It’s amazing how quickly my black, witchy heart goes all Mrs. Claus at the mere mention of the holidays. And as a small business owner, Black Friday is my Super Bowl! I’ve been so busy sharing all the promotional content that’s comes my way to help you get the best deals while you plan your holiday shopping list that it’s been a while since I shared what’s new at my house. So in case you missed it, here’s my weekly wrap-up (previously ICYMIM) from Thanksgiving weekend and all my holiday feels!

Stacy’s Day Off

As you all know, I am a proud Christmas-before-Thanksgiving celebrator, so the holidays have been in full swing at our house all November. But it’s true: people who celebrate the holidays early are happier. And since we didn’t host Thanksgiving for the first time in almost 20 years, I did something I’m usually terrible at doing: I took an entire day off!

Matt and the kids were off, so we spent the Wednesday before Thanksgiving getting our tree and spending quality time together. A church near us donates 100 meals for each tree sold, so we’ve gone there to support their cause for the past few years. They weren’t open the day we went, but they had a sign saying we could leave a check. So we did!

The kids picked  the tree (I love when everyone agrees!) and the boys took care of the netting. Cole carried it, and I had this moment of realization that we’re aging parents. And while part of me doesn’t want to be “old,” there’s this part that admires the beauty of the cycle of life.

Of course there was sibling bickering and exasperating moments. But when one brother asked, “Where’s Kiddo? Why aren’t the helping?” it was such a good moment. Like— this is a family requirement, they don’t get to opt out. It just melted me.

There are so many memories and emotions we battle this time of year, so just know that you are special and you deserve peace and love.

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My Little Helper & Holiday Feels

One of my absolute favorite things about Kiddo is how they are always down to hang out with me. Matt and the boys were out, so I asked if they wanted to go shopping and it was an immediate YES. (That didn’t make me emotional at all or anything!)

It’s so nice to spend some quality one-on-one time doing something we have common interest in. We picked up a lot of Christmas presents and even snuck in a little antiquing while we were at it!

It’s Kiddo’s 2nd year with us for Christmas and I love that this year they have a connection to our traditions. I’ve lost two dear family members around the holidays, and I know how hard this time of year is for Kiddo. However, we have so many good memories and new ornaments that finally feel right. Our family is truly whole and there’s so much to be grateful for.

Thanks to You!

While this holiday season may have many mixed emotions, both in its origins and in the loss of loved ones, a season that reminds me to focus on what I do have and the love I have in my life deeply resonates with me. Please take comfort in knowing I appreciate you. My family would literally not be here without your love and support, making you a part of that family too.

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