Stacy’s Weekly Wrap-Up, Apr 12th: Spring Colors & Spring Break!

I’ve been taking some *actual* time away from work lately, and it’s been incredibly rejuvinating. Knowing it’s good for me and experiencing it are two different things, and I’m starting to take the advice of so many of my podcast guests and find time for me. I’m currently on my way for a solo short getaway to visit a dear friend and my sister for a T-Swift concert (!!!). Then off for a few days in Puerto Rico for a work trip! I can’t wait to share more about this trip soon! But since the kids were on Spring Break last week, Matt and I both took some time off to be present with them.

Color Analysis

Before we went on our family trip for Spring Break, I did a thing. I got a personalized House of Colour analysis done and I was SHOOK at the results. When my stylist told me she wanted me to wear yellow, I told her she was BANANAS. Turns out, spring really is about focusing on neutrals with pops of color (like leopard print, one of my favorites). My sub-group is blue, which explains why I love denim!

This was such a fun and eye-opening experience, and I’m so glad I took a chance and it’s making me look at my closet in a whole new way. Plan to see me in more oatmeal, grays, soft pinks, blues, kelly and mint green, and tan (probably still paired with black)!

Off to Gigi’s for Spring Break!

After my color analysis, I packed a bag and took note of every color included – as we drove to visit Gigi’s for Spring Break!

Upon arrival, Kiddo and I spent the first morning with my mom exploring a cute coastal town with so many small businesses! We all enjoyed some delicious gluten free Southern-inspired meal at Fixins, including a pecan roll, a biscuit with salty thick sliced ham topped with orange marmelade, and some authentic southern grits for good measure. Perfection.

Back at the house with the rest of the crew, we had a relaxing day lounging, movie-watching, and napping. It was glorious. We played Mind the Gap and enjoyed some of mom’s peach cobbler before bed.

The next day we went to the beach (for fossil hunting). But, before heading out, I spent a quiet morning on the porch, reading The Golden Spoon (it’s so good!), and taking in the beach air. Remember what I said about this year being about pleasure? THIS was incredibly pleasurable.

Beach Time


The whole family went fossil hunting at Holden Beach, NC! Sea Biscuits are sea urchin fossils anywhere from 50-450 MILLION years old. We found many other cool shells too. We rounded it off with Beaches & Cream homemade ice cream on the way home – highly recommend!

Gigi had to work the next day, but the rest of the family went out exploring in Southport! We found delicious eats at Rusty Hooks Dockside Grill (salmon BLT, shrimp tacos, poke, and a pineapple burger were our choices!) and explored the Oak Island Lighthouse. When Gigi got off work, Matt and I took the opportunity to walk the beach together and find some dessert to end another amazing day.

I’m so grateful for the time we got to spend together! It’s been so much fun exploring my mom’s new town. Cole chose to stay home (because, you know, he’s all grown up and has a job) and, while we missed him and he had to deal with some rough weather while we were gone, it definitely built good trust and confidence between us all!


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