Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2015

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2015 as seen on Paleo Parents

Let’s hear it for the special ladies in our lives – i.e. our mamas! Mother’s Day is a week away and if you haven’t already thought of the perfect gift to get your mother, here are some suggestions!

Some of our favorite Mother’s Day posts are at the bottom where you can also find a number of recipe suggestions for the special day if you are going with the ‘fill her belly with awesome food’ approach. 

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2015 as seen on Paleo Parents

Clothes & Accessories:

Sox Box – You see them flaunted in the House of Gainz and that is because they are the perfect lifting socks! They also just launched a compression line, and we hear rave reviews from runners on how perfect these socks are for pounding the pavement.

Reebok – For all the strong mamas who always appreciate a new pair of workout shoes!

OhKuol Jewelry – One look at OhKuol’s site and you will see why Stacy is obsessed with this jewelry line – the pieces are stunning, one of a kind, and all handmade.

Strong Woman Tank – Get the strong woman in your life THE PERFECT workout shirt!

Tarte Amazonian Clay Mascara – A beauty product staple in Stacy’s makeup bag, this gluten-free mascara is one that actually works – many of the Paleo ladies use it! It makes a great gift for anyone trying to avoid toxic ingredients in their beauty routine.

Joy Dravecky Jewelry – Another jewelry favorite of Stacy’s, especially the necklaces – your Mom will be honored to receive one of these gorgeous and unique pieces.

Anthropology, Dessert Star Maxi Dress – Look no further for the perfect dress for summer! When Stacy recently shared her love for this maxi dress on Instagram everyone was asking where they could get it – the dress hits in all the right spots and can be both dressed up or down, i.e. the perfect dress.

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2015 as seen on Paleo Parents

Foodie Finds: 

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet – Every busy mom needs a do-it-all kitchen ally and our cast iron skillet is perhaps our most used item in the kitchen because of its versatility. Everything from eggs to burgers and veggies taste better when cooked in this beauty! This one is a super good deal right now and comes with an awesome red handle holder.

Lifefactory Water Bottles – these glass water bottles are both fashionable and practical! Plus the outer sleeve makes them super durable.

Eating Evolved Primal Chocolate Bars – Need I say more?! Everyone needs a splurge now and then, and let’s be honest, mama’s got a sweet tooth, I know she does. Satisfy it here, with a completely Paleo and Primal friendly chocolate bar (or three!).

Equal Exchange Dark Chocolate Bars – Not only are they available on Amazon, but Equal Exchange offers great tasting – Paleo friendly chocolate bars,  and their mission is something we like to support!

One Stop Paleo Shop Boxes – We rounded up some of our favorite Paleo products and assembled them into two convenient packages, the Household Must Haves box and the Snack Must Haves Box. Both would make for a perfect gift, especially if you need to ship your Mother’s Day gift. Who doesn’t love receiving a package of foods?!

My Paleo Patisserie – Quite possibly the best new book of 2015, My Paleo Patisserie is one that we cannot put down! Both the novice baker and the professional will fall head over heels in love with this amazing book and the insanely wonderful recipes it boasts.

Real Life Paleo – Whether Mom is new to paleo and looking for suggestions on how to phase out the grains and dairy, or has been following a real food diet for ages, Real Life Paleo is a gold mine of a resource, packed with suggestions on how to add in nutrient dense superfoods, meal plans, tear-out shopping guides, suggestions on how to assemble a meal and so much more!

Paleo To Go E-Book – ***LAST MINUTE GIFT IDEA ALERT!*** Did you wait until the last minute to get something for Mom? Surprise her with a link to download our fabulous e-book right in her inbox! No waiting, no wrapping, just happiness.

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2015 as seen on Paleo Parents


Once a Month Meals – Starting at just $10/month, get a month’s worth of menus (both Paleo friendly and featuring a number of our recipes), shopping lists, and step-by-step cooking instructions to fill your freezer, and forget about ‘What’s for dinner?’ worries for weeks at a time.

Gwynnie Bee – Have you heard the trend of having just enough clothes for each season – a capsule wardrobe? Gwynnie Bee is a great way to discover new looks and simplify your closet. All rented and kept for a long as you would like. Subscriptions starting at $35/month.

Paleo Magazine – Starting at $14.99/year, give mom the gift of a great quarterly read. Paleo Magazine is filled with not only news from the Paleo community, but recipes, inspirational stories, workout ideas, and plenty of great suggestions on how to maximize your health.

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2015 as seen on Paleo Parents

From the Kids:

“We Love You, Mom!” Craft Kit – Because there is absolutely nothing better in the whole world than a gift made from the little ones. Trust me, I know.


Here is a look at how we spent Mother’s Day last year, complete with a sweet shout out to Stacy’s mom.

And in 2013 we shared this awesome post from Gourmande in the Kitchen featuring TONS of recipe suggestions for Mother’s Day.

In 2013 we also shared this bonus episode of The Paleo View where you can here from both Stacy and Sarah’s moms.

And finally, if you are still in need of some celebratory recipes ideas, check out our breakfast board here, our Paleo Parents recipes for meals here, and our Paleo Parents treats board here.

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