ICYMI Monday June 27th: Weight Stigma & Women’s and Human Rights

In case you missed what I’ve been talking about on the ‘gram, these past two weeks I’ve given lots of pieces of my mind regarding what’s going on in the country with Women’s and Human Rights right now!

Diet Culture Dogma

Newsflash in case no one has told you: if your medical professional is choosing to focus on weight, not factors of health and behaviors, they are being lazy. Time for a new doctor, one who won’t shame you to avoid adequate healthcare and won’t ignore your symptoms by just telling you to diet.

Recently, we had Endocrine Doctor himself, Dr. Gregory Dodell, on the podcast who confirmed that:

“If you don’t want to know your weight, you can refuse weighing. If it’s medically necessary, you can request the doctor not tell you the number. The more people who start doing that in medical offices, it’s going to change the culture.”

What the Science Says

  1. Obese patients are more likely to have their symptoms attributed to their weight without diagnostics performed. [Source]
  2. Significant increase in likelihood of obese patients to have an undiagnosed medical condition upon autopsy. [Source]
  3. Overweight and obesity are not synonymous with with being metabolically unhealthy. [Source]

What’s the takeaway here? Weight is not indicative of health, and, on top of that, no one has a moral obligation to be healthy. Most importantly, being in a bigger body doesn’t make you a bad or worth less than anyone else!

If you’re still struggling with coming to peace with your body, be sure to check out Nina Manolson if you haven’t already. And may you live a life as big and full as my skirt.

Woman’s and Human Rights

The news isn’t just about reversing Roe v. Wade, but everything else related to Women’s and Human Rights that might reverse because of it. Justice Clarence Thomas has even suggested the courts reconsider all substantive due process precedents, including Griswold v. Connecticut, Lawrence v. Texas, and Obergefell v. Hodges. For those that don’t know, these ruling protect contraception, same-sex relationships, and same sex-marriage.

SCOTUS also just struck down NY’s law requiring people to have a good reason to obtain a concealed carry permit to carry firearms outside their homes. What’s more? They also issued an opinion about Miranda Rights, finding that a suspect not in custody does not necessarily have their rights violated if they’re not information of their rights prior to giving a statement. So please, parents, make sure to inform your children of their rights!

Meanwhile, the man responsible for putting three of these justices in charge of our nation’s fate is (essentially) on trial for treason and the evidence has shown he knew there was no fraud. He coerced countless people to attempt a coup of our government and abused their trust.

Where Do We Go From Here?

As a foster mom of an LGBTQ youth, as someone who is actually doing the work, I cannot tell you how horrendous this will be for all of us. It means less adopters, more unwanted children, and more traumatized, injured, or dead woman and people with uteruses.

If you fought to overturn Roe v Wade, how many children will you personally be taking in to care for? How much money will you donate to the system these children will be forced to depend on for survival? And for those, like me, who are devastated by this news, we must prepare for the long journey ahead and look out for ourselves and each other.

If you didn’t know this would open Pandora’s box to removing Women’s and Human Rights, let me inform you: the only solution is to fix voter suppression laws, get the true will of the MAJORITY of America represented, and remove open racists from the Senate. We must stand together, all of us, and we must vote.

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Self-care Reminder

The FAA tells you every time you fly: put your mask on before helping others. Why? Because if you pass out you won’t be able to help anyone else, all because you didn’t help yourself first.
With everything that’s going on right now it’s easy to let the fear, stress, and chaos take over. So here’s a reminder: self-care is not selfish. In fact, it’s an act of service that says, “I’m giving my best self to my family because I take time for me.”
I’m a better mom, partner, and friend when I’m practicing self-care. Need a refresher? Check out Basic Needs Don’t Count As Self-Care for a reminder on how to mentally put on your oxygen mask first!

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