Guest Post, KatieDid: 3 Ingredient Sweet Potato Pancakes

**UPDATE: We have gotten lots of feedback on this recipe in the comments section, when we tried to contact this guest blogger for trouble-shooting we found that she is no longer blogging recipes and has since removed the photos that were linked from her blog. As a result, and our commitment to top quality recipes on the blog, we suggest you try our “Pumpkin and Bacon Silver Dollar Pancakes” or our “Easy Peasy Pancakes” recipes instead. **

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  • This is a nice way to add some holiday flavor in the off-season. I’m all about simple recipes, too–if it’s not easy, I will never get around to making it!

  • Can you make these without eggs?

    • I’ve never tried, I’m not sure it would really hold together well without them. -Katie

  • Linda

    I love the idea of recipes with limited numbers of ingredients. And the “no special flours”. I’m pretty new to Paleo and keep thinking that people trying to recreate all of the addictive baked goods by subbing with special flour isn’t the best way to go. I’ll definitely be checking out the rest of your recipes. The “fast” aspect is appealing too!

  • Lynn

    Do these taste like sweet potatoes?

  • sproutsmama

    i wonder about doing these as just “banana pancakes” as she mentioned. anyone have ideas about what else you might add? just bananas would be pretty runny. maybe almond butter?

    • Haley

      You use one banana and two eggs. Works like a charm!

    • Christina

      I make a pancake with one egg, one banana and almond butter. Cooks up good!

  • Oh, wow, I am totally going to try this recipe, it sounds so good!

    Also, Katie – how about a paleo pancake with only 2 main ingredients? You do need 2 bowls. You need eggs and coconut flour. Use only those 2 ingredients for some plain pancakes with a naan like flavor and texture, or you can dress them up with some raw honey, and cinnamon for a more traditional pancake. Separate your eggs, and whip your egg whites into a stiff peak. Add 1 teaspoon of coconut flour for each egg to your egg yolks, along with your raw honey and cinnamon, and whisk together. The coconut flour will make the yolk/honey mix turn into a paste. Add your stiffened egg whites and mix together. If you are using your hand blender, make it quick so that you do not make the mix go flat. This mix also works well in waffle makers… http://paleoonthecheap.blogspot.com/2013/01/waffles-and-tikka-masala.html

    Ladies, thank you for sharing Katie’s wonderful blog! Yet another to put in my arsenal in my personal battle towards health!

    • In love with coconut flour also, those sound fantastic!

  • What a creative meal! The best things combined (at least for me!) Pancakes and potatoe! Awesome! 🙂

  • Mom of pancake-hungry kids

    Grr. I just wasted 2 pastured eggs on this. (At $9/dozen.) My first attempt at sweet potato pancakes but Ive cooked all other sorts of pancakes. This didn’t form anything cake-like at all for me.

    • I’m not sure what might have gone wrong. If you would like to email me katiekiely44@gmail.com with exactly what you did I can try and help you figure it out!

      • The Chiseled Chick

        This was a perfect recipe! It had a great “pancake” batter texture and they tasted really good. Thank you for sharing!

    • Naomi

      Same problem here! It def made more of a soup than a batter!

      • NJ

        I followed the recipe and I too had the same issue. I’ve always been able to make the most perfect pancakes & these turned out disappointing for me 🙁

        • Jillian

          I also had a terrrrrible time making these. I tried adding flour because the first attempt just made “scrambled” sweet potato pancakes. They taste great but even thickened up, they never flipped easily or cooked all the way through. Great idea but a huge mess!

          • Thank you for providing feedback Jillian. We have gotten several negative responses on this recipe and we have had trouble contacting the guest blogger for help troubleshooting, so we have edited the top of this recipe with a disclaimer. Again, so sorry you had so much trouble.

    • Megan

      Also did not turn out for me. Soupy and wouldn’t cook up.

  • These are one of my favorite pancake to have now, thank you for posting this recipe..

  • jenny

    I doubled the baking powder abs added cloves as well. These were fantastic!

  • Mike

    Those were great! And I’ve even learned a new way to cook sweet potato in the microwave 🙂

  • Alice

    I’ve made pancakes like these before, and I’ve found that pretty much that the ratios work like this for me: 1/4 tsp baking soda to 1 egg to 1 banana / 1 small sweet potato / 3/4 cup of pumpkin (about). So I might have used 1/2 tsp for this recipe.

  • Suné deVos

    Mine worked perfectly. Better that expected to be honest. I followed the ingredients list to the tee, however left the skin on the cooked sweet potatoes, and added 2 tbsp LSA to the mixture. Thanks Katie for a delicious and easy recipe

  • Lois Springer

    WOW!!! I wanted to eat ALL of them, but I could not. Probably a good thing. They were so yummy. Next time I’ll have to increase the cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. I thought I used a lot but just had a hint of spice taste. THANK YOU for sharing.
    I’m new at Paleo. I should have jumped on board 2 years ago when I started checking it out.

  • Heather

    Great recipe but these turned out “ok” at best. They are more bland and mushy than expected. I’d recommend adding a little coconut or almond flour to dry these up a bit and give them a more pancake like texture. Otherwise, I’d recommend letting the batter sit so the baking soda can start activating and also patting the batter/dough out like cookies with your hand because the batter isn’t pourable. Smaller cakes allowed them to get cooked more thoroughly. We ate them with walnuts and agave on top. Hope others have better luck.

    Maybe all of us who are having poor results have a different idea of what a pancake should look/taste like?

  • Heather

    PS – We tried adding unsweetened vanilla almond milk to the remaining batter and it helped quite a bit with the flavor and consistency. I’d recommend adding and mixing the milk until a smoother batter is achieved. 🙂

  • Carol Ann Diesslin Crochet

    Is it only me? I count 9 ingredients, or 8 if you omit the oil that they’re cooked in. ???

  • if my batter comes out too soupy, i like to add coconut flour to it to stiffen up. i also add baking powder to my mix to puff it up a little bit.