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Real Life

A Harry Potter Halloween – Part 1: The Stuff!

In case you weren’t yet aware, we’re kind of obsessed with Harry Potter. Hence, our repeated visits to Universal Studios Florida and our Better Butter Beer recipe. So this year, when faced with how to prepare for our Annual…

Real Life

Fashion and Fitness at Giveaway!

Today is day 7 of our Launch Celebration, which means it is the FINAL day of giveaways! Starting tomorrow, we’re going to start awarding prizes, so get your entries in! Today’s giveaway is all about Fashion and Fitness. We’ve…

Real Life

Family Life at Giveaway!

Today is day 6 of our Launch Celebration, which mean a sixth day of giveaways! And while we’re leaving behind the Paleo Parents names, we’re still parents, and we still think family is an important part of what makes…

Real Life

Recipes and Foodies at Giveaway!

Today is day 3 of our Launch Celebration, which mean a third day of giveaways! If you missed our previous giveaways, click here to learn more about Real Everything and how we’re celebrating! Having done this whole paleo thing…

Real Life

For Real at Giveaway!

Welcome! We’re so glad you chose to join us here at Real Everything! We’re so excited about our new direction and positively bubbling over with enthusiasm! Have you read our “new” about description or the What is Real Everything…