Weekend Wrap-Up, 7/26

Every Saturday we bring you a blog rendition of some of our favorite things going on this week in our own world and in the paleo world at large in a Weekend Wrap-Up. Every week we will feature our favorite paleo recipes from our archives and from other paleo bloggers that are  on our minds lately, as well as a few coupons for products we personally love, and some suggested reading for things we found interesting this week. Let’s do this thing!

Road to Victory!

With her competition in Roanoke upcoming, Stacy took this week to stretch, mobilize and rest. It was a week of lacrosse balls and foam rollers, mainly.

stacy gets ready

By the end of the week, she was feeling limber and ready to take on the field!

feeling limber

When you read this she’ll be on the road, driving down to Roanoke with her protein drink in her hand (featuring Maca Powder that we were pleased to see Mark Sisson endorse this week!).

Did you see this?

Did you hear? The BRAND NEW 21 Day Sugar Detox is now available! Not only that, but this time around we contributed to the new Bonus Resource section! Yup, we have been so positively impacted by our whole family’s experience on the 21 Day Sugar Detox, that we contributed a whole eBook full of Paleo Parents 21 DSD Recipes.

Whats Included

We told you a bit about how the Detox principles have changed the way we develop recipes a couple weeks ago, but now we are happy to announce that the program is available. You can find out more details, and about discounts included for people who already own part of the 21 Day Sugar Detox program here. 

bonus guides


Our Favorite Paleo Parents Archive Recipe of the Week:

Chocolate Trail Mix Detox Cookies

So with the brand new 21 Day Sugar Detox  release, its a perfect time for us to revisit these #21DSD Compliant Chocolate Trail Mix Detox Cookies! The cookies are called Chocolate Trail Mix Cookies because they remind me of the things I enjoy most in Trail Mix. Salted nuts, coconut and even the chocolate for the child in you who still longs for M&Ms. Granted, there’s no dried fruit, but there is a hint of banana chips lingering. You could definitely pack these in a lunchbox for a kid to feel special at lunch, in your bag for needed on-the-go snacks for soccer practice or …wait for it… hiking on a TRAIL!

We also got this recent comment from Erin B “I must have bought the smallest green bananas ever, so I supplemented them with a carrot. and it’s summer, so I froze the batter instead of baking. delish!!!”

Great idea Erin!

Chocolate Trail Mix Detox Cookies by @PaleoParents #GAPS #Paleo #21DSD

The Best New Recipes in Paleo of the Week:

Just a few short years ago, paleo recipes were hard to find, but now there is such an abundance of great, real-food blogs. We hope you enjoy them!

best recipes of the week 4

Paleo Chicken-Under-A-Brick (aka The Best Chicken You’ll Ever Eat) + How to Split a Whole Chicken by Merrit and Fork
Dairy Free Shrimp and Clam Chowder by Everyday Maven
Watercress With Seared Prosciutto + Peaches by Nom Nom Paleo
Mussels and Sausage Zucchini Pasta by Inspiralized
Creamy Avocado and Cilantro Cauliflower Rice by Bacon Wrapped Barbells
Tuna Stuffed Potatoes by The Domestic Man

And the Special Treats Award goes to….

The Ultimate Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies by I’m No Chef!

We know, we know. You must be thinking, “I’ve seen Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies a thousand times…” But these are different. We are so intrigued because they are made with CHESTNUT FLOUR rather than Almond Flour. James explains that Chestnut Flour is finer, lighter, and starchier than other nut based flours, creating an awesomely light and crumbly texture. We ordered some Chestnut flourright away and we can’t WAIT to test these out!

chestnut cookies


Coupons and Special Deals!


When we find deals on things we love and use anyway, we like to take advantage. So of course we pass on these great deals to you when we find them! Every week we’ll highlight some products we think you’ll find useful, interesting, or just plain awesome! Remember, you can always see what we recommend on our sidebar! We REALLY appreciate you shopping though the links on our blog or newsletter, as it supports the costs of running the blog without resorting to advertisers of things we can’t control.



Last Chance!

Maca root is a terrific supplement that helps increase strength and endurance and many other additional benefits. Stacy started taking it when she started getting serious about her training and we settled on The Maca Team brands because they are organic and include all three varieties of maca in an easy to digest gelatinized form. We’ve been using Maca Team maca powder for about a month now in Stacy’s morning smoothies and we love it!

Extended one more day through 7/26 (TODAY!), you can get 15% off your purchase from The Maca Team with a special discount code we snagged for our readers! Use code: STRONG at checkout when you shop through our affiliate link: http://bit.ly/TheMacaTeamStore

 abes road trip

Abe’s Market has great specials and sales every week! They have tons of great Gluten-Free and Paleo products, in addition to all of the natural living products they have in their other categories like home, baby and clothing! This week their special is all about things made right here in the US, so they are taking a “road trip.”

abes market sale collage

Save Up to 40% on Select Items AND get free shipping when you shop at our affiliate link: http://bit.ly/abesmarketsale

 petes paleo coupon

 So most of the time, if you want a completely paleo meal, with seasonal produce and humainly sourced pastured and grassfed meats, with the right balance of nutrients, you have to cook it yourself at home. And shop for all the ingredients. And clean up all the dishes…. Sometimes it can just be too much. For those times that you just need a break, we highly suggest you check out PetesPaleo.com . Pete Servold is the classically trained chef behind this meal order service, and he does all the hard work for you. You can completely trust that your meals are prepared up to your standards, from farm fresh, seasonal ingredients and in addition, they are delivered to your door. All you have to do is heat them up. They even come in larger sizes for athletes. This meal service is perfect for busy weeks or hectic times in life, like after the birth of a baby! Each week you can see the menu online, and you can even add on snacks and supplements if you want. You can also get 5% off total order with the code ‘thepaleoview’ using our affiliate link here: http://bit.ly/eatpetespaleo

sox box coupon

You might have noticed that Stacy loves to wear High Knee Sock while she is training for StrongWoman. They protect her shins, and they are also fun because of all the cool things you can say with just your socks! Stacy loves the fun socks from thesoxbox.com and she snagged you this discount code for 5% off your order with code: “stronglikestacy” (plus 20% goes to wounded veterans!).


Recommended Reading

Is It Primal? – Nut Milks, Maca Root, Stinky Tofu, and Other Foods Scrutinized on Mark’s Daily Apple


So Stacy was already convinced of the benefits of Maca Root, as she has been supplementing her nutrient dense diet with Maca from The Maca Team for StrongWoman Training purposes, but we were stoked to see this new article from Mark Sisson where he breaks down why he is digging the health benefits of this particular supplement! His verdict? It is definitely primal (paleo) and it is also documented to work! Check out the article to read the full scoop. 

Recommended Product of the Week

Maca Root Supplement from The Maca Team

maca on paleoparents

So now that you have read all about how Maca Root is good for you, I bet you want to try it! Awesome! We have a great coupon for you for the brand that Stacy loves the most:  15% off your purchase from The Maca Team with a special discount code we snagged for our readers! Use code: STRONG at checkout when you shop through our affiliate link: http://bit.ly/TheMacaTeamStore

Upcoming Events!

Farm Tour at Heritage Hollow Farms TOMORROW!!!!

heritage hollows logo
 Sunday, July 27, 2014, 10:30 AM – Heritage Hollow Farm, 12018B Lee Highway, Sperryville, VAOur absolute favorite farm is once again opening up their pastures for us to tour their gorgeous facilities! Join Mike & Molly of Heritage Hollow Farms (previously Mount Vernon) as they graciously let us collect eggs, give fruit to pigs and sit among their docile cows in between skipping rocks in the creek and buying the best humanely raised pastured meat in the area! You never know what you’ll experience when visiting the farm, but it’s always wonderful!We’ve planned this event to be in the prime season when their stock freezers will be full – and if you haven’t yet, it’s the perfect opportunity to come scope out their new farm store. Since you don’t have to pay a delivery fee when shopping in their store yourself, it’s like getting discounted meat so plan to bulk up!

This event is FREE, but make sure you get all the details and RSVP on our Meet-Up Group Page. 

Stacy will be speaking twice at this year’s Ancestral Health Symposium:
August 8, 2014, 11:25 am – Ancestral Health for Women in the Modern World: the HPA Axis Meets the HPT and the HPG Axes (or why we recommend women eat carbs) with Dr. Sarah Ballantyne of The Paleo Mom & with Stephanie Gaudreau of Stupid Easy Paleo on August 8, 2014, 3:15 pm – Specific Requirements and Health Benefits of Strength Training for Women

You can register for the Symposium here: http://www.ancestralhealth.org/registration

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There’s also been a lot going on over on Instagram, go check it out so you don’t miss out! You can catch glimpses of our every day life, with plenty of heavy lifting, our boys being #totesadorbs and all the delicious things that Matt cooks for our family!

IG grid 4

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