My Wonderful Mother’s Day Recap


I had the most wonderful Mother’s Day! My 3 boys (and their handsome daddy) really hit it out of the park this year! I got to sleep in (a rare occurance!) and I awoke to the most wonderful smells wafting through my bedroom door from the kitchen. My boys decided to make me a Mother’s Day brunch from ideas and recipes they gleaned from my Paleo Breakfast Pinterest Board, and they totally outdid themselves!

making me feel loved

 Their smiling faces met me at the table, with arms filled with fresh flowers (peonies, my favorite), homemade presents, and the most wonderful food.


Of course, we had US Wellness Meats Bacon! The spread also included Pear and Cardamom Muffins (into bars) from Zenbelly, and a modified version of Denimelon Eats Steak n’ Eggs over Waffled Hashbrowns (that we turned into a sandwhich, and used our Steak Recipe from Real Life Paleo!)


We also had Paleo Crepes by Against All Grain, filled with bananas, Rawtella, and topped with Whipped Grass Fed Heavy Cream. To whip the cream, we used another Mother’s Day present from my sweet hubby – an ISI Mini Easy Whip (although it also easily whips coconut cream).   It whips the cream with a touch of a button in seconds, and the cream will keep in the refrigerator for 10 days.  Now THAT’S a great gift! I didn’t even know it existed! It’s basically like a reusable tool that turns any cream into your own redi-whip! This way I can control the ingredients. My family noticed that I’ve been eating whipped grass fed cream with berries as my “clean eating” dessert lately, and this was such a thoughtful gift!

The best gifts, however, were the homemade ones. ♥ At school, Finian wrote me a book telling me all the things he loves about me, and why I am important to him. I bawled like a baby!

words to describe my mommy

My heart just melted – “My Mom’s favorite thing to do with me is snuggle.” ♥

mom book

My boys also let me do whatever I wanted for the day! I decided to go shopping (of course) and so I made a stop at Athelta and then got my nails done! You know how I love my Gellish Manicures and workout clothes! #manisandmuscles

shop for athleta

And of course, my perfect Mother’s Day wouldn’t be complete without lifting some really really heavy things!

lift heavy things

Because the heaviest tire at the gym is no longer a super heavy challenge for me unless I’m doing high reps, I added TWO sandbags (about 130lbs) to the edge of direct pick-up on it in order to work my skills and challenge myself. It was awesome.

For dinner, we got some awesome take-out from one of my favorite Grass Fed Burger places, Elevation Burger.

elevation dinner

I got lots of quality time with my cuties (Finn ran errands with me and loves coming to StrongMan), finishing the day playing a game of Munchkins where I actually won (for once)! I also got to spend time with my sister (a mother) and my own mother, who are both staying with us right now.

stacy with momIsn’t that an awesome #tbt picture? It’s circa 1983!

My mama is just stunning. Her shining personality comes through and lights up her face. I just adore her and can’t thank her enough for helping me become the person I am today. Without her strength, I wouldn’t have my own. Without the sacrafices she made we couldn’t be as successful, happy and fulfilled as we are today. So Mom, again, Happy Mother’s Day. I love you ♥

stacy and momNo, we’re not sisters. I hope I look that good at her age!

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