TPV Podcast, Episode 52: The One Year Anniversary, Best Of Show

Our fifty-second show!
Ep. 52: The One Year Anniversary, Best Of Show

In this episode, Monica shares the best Paleo View moments of the last year, as voted on by the listeners.

As we celebrate this podcast-iversary, we want to take a moment to thank all of you who left reviews on iTunes, submitted questions, and tuned in weekly to be a part of this show. We greatly appreciate your support and are looking forward to to sharing all that is in store in the upcoming year!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Ep 52: The One Year Anniversary, Best Of Show

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 1:19 – News & Views
    • Hello from Monica, this week’s host!
  • 3:35 – Science with Sarah
    • Episode 2, Autoimmune protocol – overview
    • (33:07) Episode 17, Paleo 101 – the ‘why’
  • 40:56 – Q&A
    • (41:09) Episode 17, Paleo 101 – paleo perfectionism
    • (47:29) Episode 3, Transitioning kids to paleo – developing kid friendly menus
    • (56:40) Episode 1, Paleo kids in school – how to pack a paleo lunch and feel confident about their unique meals
    • (01:10:34) Episode 11, What’s up with dairy – what to serve at meals instead of milk
    • (01:27:38) Episode 43, Eating disorders – how to identify an eating disorder
    • (01:45:45) Episode 47, Exercise – Prancercise & self love
    • (02:00:58) Episode 4, Breastfeeding – why breastmilk is the perfect first food to grow your baby
    • (02:15:33) Episode 49, Paleo philosophy part-two, WAP rebuttal (Sarah’s) (Stacy’s)
  • 02:35:38 – Outro

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