TPV Podcast, Episode 200: How Far We’ve Come!

Ep. 200, How Far We’ve Come in 200 Episodes!

On this episode of The Paleo View, we celebrate reaching the 200 episode milestone! Throughout these past 200 weeks, nearly 4 years, a lot has change both in ourselves and in the world of paleo and in the greater world around us! Join us as we look back, look in, and look forward.

The Paleo View 200 How Far We've Come



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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 200: How Far We’ve Come!

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (1:18)
    • EPISODE 200! Almost four years! Let’s celebrate!
      • And we still haven’t talked about everything! Let the show continue!
      • We’ve seen so much change in this movement, not just over our four years, but in the 15ish years since the Paleo Diet was first published. And when you think about the first iteration of this diet compared to what it looks like now, the progress is just amazing!
      • Stacy has been paleo for just over 6 years, and Sarah is approaching 5 years on paleo
      • Stacy did a paleo timeline post that she often looks at to remind herself of her evolution.
    • Sarah has come so far in her paleo journey!
      • The things that made Sarah’s life hard pre-paleo transcended food: depression, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, tantruming child, a child with obstructive sleep apnea, joint pain.
      • Now, she’s able to sit in her daughters’ dance recital without getting tired or pain.
      • Paleo has given her sufficient sleep, and strength and healthy kids and is able to live in the moment.
      • Before Paleo, Sarah was barely surviving motherhood.
      • Her original goal was to clear up some skin issues, but it’s given her so much more!
    • Stacy’s life has improved so much thanks to paleo, too!
      • Stacy’s goal was only to have enough energy to play with her kids.
      • A doctor told her she’d be less likely to die at an early at an early age if she lost 20% of her 300+ pound body weight
      • She’s been to the pool everyday this week with the boys. Recently she saw an overweight woman in regular clothes trying to play with her kids on the sidelines and thought that it could have been her.
      • Meanwhile, she’s playing with the kids in the pool and doing laps.
      • Paleo has been transformative!
      • When she describes why she’s paleo nowadays, she doesn’t immediately jump to food and weight loss, but talks about health benefits. Like Cole being off his inhaler, and Stacy being much healthier now.
    • Sarah is happy that she is health enough to not be bypassed for exercise activities.
      • Sarah is happy to have flexed with Jen Sinkler and felt a part of the healthy group.
    • No one is old! Being in your 30s is not old!
      • Why is it that only old people swim laps at the pool?
      • Stacy was declared by Cole, age 10, as “not that old” and that old age now starts at 60 for him.
      • Sarah’s daughter is 6 and believes that Sarah is 78 years old.
      • Meanwhile, Stacy is getting treated as her own father’s wife. (This is because she is the trophy wife, I swear)
    • The Paleo movement has changed and grown so much!
      • At Paleo Fx, people were quoting a population of 10-15 million people consider themselves paleo.
      • Paleo started with The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain in 2001. When Stacy first checked it out at the library in 2010, it still had the publisher mandated recommendations of Diet Coke and canola oil, which were rectified in the 2010 revised edition.
      • Stacy started paleo even before the second big paleo book, The Paleo Diet Solution by Robb Wolf, was released.
      • Stacy read a lot of Paleo Hacks (Often a wretched hive of scum and villainy. You must be careful there!) back in the day. She remembers being terrified by a post that was decrying that some “New World” foods like nightshades were being called Paleo. This scared the crap out of her!
      • At the time, she declared that she could NEVER give up nightshades!
      • She found comfort in Elana’s Pantry and Spunky Coconut making recipes that could be adapted to paleo
      • Paleo Parents came about during a time when all the bloggers were just fumbling in the dark because there were no resources
      • Sarah came in before It Starts With Food, but when Whole30 was still a powerful force. Paleo back then was very much low carb, no potato, low fat.
      • Over the years, Paleo has acquired a lot of new researchers and voices in the movement like Mat Lalonde, Alessio Fassano, and Stephen Guyenet (who is my boy).
      • We’re moving from broad brush strokes, to more fine tuning into what an ideal diet might be.
      • Healthy diets now seem to be rich in healthy fats and are micronutrient sufficient.
    • The starting point is still cutting out the bad stuff, first, but then there are lots of variation. People are coming to their own conclusions based off of numerous sources
      • Potatoes were beginning to be accepted by many bloggers, but the big turning point was being accepted by Whole 30.
      • There’s no central leadership in paleo to make declarations, Whole 30 was, for a long time, the people that made these decisions for a lot of people.
      • These days, sometimes it trickles through, like with green beans.
      • Dairy products are definitely controversial for many people. There’s a movement to include A2 Beta Casein milks like camel milk.
      • Different thought leaders have different thoughts on paleo approaches, which become the focal points for big rethinking.
      • The Paleo community isn’t about what’s right and wrong, paleo and not paleo, but what will work for you.
      • Paleo is founded in our scientific understanding of what works for humans, as well as what genetic variation will make individual bodies work best, which empowers people to make decisions for themselves to create a healthy sustainable lifestyle
    • Episode 200 is done, what will we do for our 4 year aniversary?
      • Our Fourth Anniversary show will be on August 12th, 2016
      • Sarah and Stacy get schmoopy!
  • Thank you for listening!
  • Outro (39:03)

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