Announcing The Paleo View Podcast

Last year, I introduced Stacy to podcasts, and she soon found out that several paleo podcasts already existed. She was hooked. I’d catch her listening to The Paleo Solution, Chris Kresser, Latest in Paleo, Jimmy Moore, Spunky Coconut and Balanced Bites.

After a few months she asked me if we could do a podcast. I said I’m certainly able to record and edit her whenever she’d like! But the idea of hearing my voice for an hour each week was nerve wracking! So we tabled the idea for a while, but it was never forgotten by Stacy. Despairing that we’d never get it off the ground, we never would have guessed that the perfect partner was about to walk through our cable modem.

Meet Sarah, The Paleo Mom. A scientist turned stay-at-home-mom with awesome practical advice, parenting tips and wonderful recipes – she and Stacy have been online buds for months. When they took their friendship to the phone, gabbing for hours, it clicked. Why not do a podcast?!

It will be on our own unique positions in the paleo sphere: Parenting, Science and the inevitable gabbing gossip of it all! Adding Sarah, offers the perfect addition to the team; an actual qualified resource to answer your science-related questions. And, a pretty terrific lady (with a cute Canadian accent); it just seemed natural.

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I currently listen to some 20 different (non-paleo) podcasts, so I feel very confident that my experience will help you enjoy the format of this show and these ladies chatting about the issues that matter to you most. Meanwhile, I’ll make sure they don’t curse too much and attempt to make this an interesting listen.

Look up at the top of our site at the menu bar. You’ll now see a Podcasts menu up there. There’s our landing page, where you can find more info, Meet TPV Hosts and also a link to ask questions for broadcast. Please ask any questions you have so that the ladies can tackle them on a future episode. We’ve been compiling our vast e-mail and comment questions so far, our goal is to group questions by topic so that we can have a themed episode each week.

Tomorrow, we’ll release the first episode on school, school lunches, and how to handle your child standing out from the crowd. Be sure to read THAT post, because we’ll have a GIVEAWAY with it! Future topics include autoimmune protocol of paleo and breastfeeding – what else do you want us to talk about?!

Thanks, your co-hosts and producers (how fun are those titles?)!

Sarah, Stacy and Matt

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