TPV Podcast, Episode 198: Weight Loss Follow Up

Ep. 198, Weight Loss Follow Up

On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah answer a question on how to lose weight a second time and why it might be more difficult.

The Paleo View TPV 198 Weight Loss Follow up


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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 198: Weight Loss Follow Up

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (1:18)
    • This week, Sarah is tired because she returned from PaleoFx!
      • Considers this one the best one yet!
      • Check out PaleoFx TV, the on demand streaming service! Watch PaleoFx talks and demos anytime you want. It’s Netflix but Paleo!
      • Stacy missed it this year (for the first time!) due to going to Europe last week. Instead, she spent time with her family.
  • Weight Loss Series Continued (7:49)
    • Question from Stella, possibly our longest question ever!
      • Stella: “I share a multi-generational home with my kids (ages 12-22), and my parents (age 75). I am divorced from the kids’ father. I am unemployed, a student and a home-school parent to my 12 year old who has an autoimmune disease (Juvenille Idiopathic Arthritis). Diabetes, autoimmunity, and obesity tends to run in the family. My fiance’ lives in Europe (communication with him is why I often have trouble getting 7-8 hours sleep, or optimizing my sleep).I have been told I am going through perimenopause early. Finances do not permit buying grassfed meat, milk, or cheese.. We do buy grassfed butter, which is used liberally. I have a food allergy to industrial hemp seed (hemp seed, hemp milk, hemp cereal, hemp protein, etc). I thought getting fat as I had kids was inevitable and I never dieted cos I watched my mother struggle for years…. But finally I got scared, I was obese, retaining water, and I had to do something. !n 2013-14 I lost 70 pounds using a variety of lowcarb and paleo diets and doing Crossfit and swimming. I went from a size 20 to a size 12, 220 pounds to 150. I felt great. I looked great…. Life happened, I got off focus, carbs crept back in, I became inconsistent with Crossfit… ALL the pounds (plus a couple more) came back on, I injured my knee (doing yoga!) and was later diagnosed with a pelvic floor issue, and told to lose weight. This January (2016) I started lowcarb Primal and daily walking. I lost about 14 pounds in January…. and then the weight loss stopped. I have persevered. Walking, working with a PT on my knee and pelvic floor…  I keep losing and regaining the same 5 pounds and the scale is stubbornly set right around 206-211… my body measures are similarly ambiguous. I do not eat grains, beans, sugar, junk and I limit my fruit and starchy carb to 2x a week…. The weight was falling off me when I did this last time.
        So Sarah, Stacy, I listen to your podcast frequently, and I love it. I am afraid this is a series of questions related to your current series on weight-loss research, rather than a single question. Please see the background info as it is essential to understanding what I am asking.  When I lost this weight the first time it was effortless. 2-4 pounds a week came rolling off like breathing with  lowcarb paleo, and just easy swimming and walking in the beginning (I started Crossfit at 180 pounds)…I have not had normal sleep in probably the last 9 years.  This time I am struggling to even get under 200, let alone to the trim muscular person I was 2-3 years ago. What I would love to know ladies is what can I do to maximize my health, and normalize my hormones (I know about the basics, sleep, grains, nuts, carbs, sugars)? How does one lose 100 pounds the second time around Sarah? What worked for you? Stacy, my body image is abysmal. How can I feel positive about my body when I feel weak, fat and like my metabolism is totally broken and will never work again? What worked for you? Sarah, how can I have normal sleep when the only time my man and I can connect and talk is at 12AM my time? You two may have answered some/all of this elsewhere, and if so, please hit me with links! I’m perservering, cos I hate how I feel on SAD diet, but losing weight the second time around seems impossible and it is so discouraging… Sarah, you are a smart lady, and can read the research – what is a person like me (formerly obese, lost a ton fast on paleo, regained it fast and is now trying to lose it again) up against metabolically, and how can I address it? I know you are doing a podcast series on weight loss research, and would love to see some more info on this sort of thing…. . Links would be amazing, info would be amazing, Sarah I own and love your books…  Much Gratitude to both of you ladies for all you do. Best Regards, Stella”

        • Kudos to Stella for owning that there is a problem and trying to get back on the wagon! That’s the best first step.
        • Focusing on how you failed will always leave you stressed and more likely to more bad choices. Focus on what is great in your life!
        • Shame will never lead to positive results. (See our episode on Body Image!)
        • Sarah shares her story on weight gain and loss (see here and here)
        • It took her a long while to let go of becoming super lean and accepting her body for what it can do.
        • Cortisol (stress hormone) is a wonderful hormone that is also a huge jerk. It will block weight loss.
        • Also possible thyroid issues. Talk to your doctor about a full thyroid and cortisol panel.
        • Sleep! You’re admitting to not getting enough sleep, so see how you can fix that.
        • Try calling your fiance at his midday most of the time instead when possible because that’s your morning.
        • Helping you sleep is a way your partner can help you from afar!
        • Check out Go to Bed, Sarah’s ebook
        • Try eating starchy carbs at dinner to help you sleep better
        • Sometimes big carbohydrate changes can be disruptive to your life in many ways.
        • Lots of stories of people, especially women, adding back carbs and having more weight loss success.
        • Check out our show on the Obesity Paradox. Maybe not worrying about the vanity pounds is best for people plateauing close to their goal.
        • Get to a place where your body is healthy, not necessarily looks the best.
        • It’s important to persevere, but also to be patient and nurture yourself!
        • It’s called a health journey for a reason
  • Thank you for listening!
  • Outro (38:48)

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