TPV Podcast, Episode 88: Omega-3’s

Our eighty-eighth show!

Ep. 88, Omega-3’s

In this episode of The Paleo View, Sarah and Stacy catch up on life happenings, discuss omega-3 benefits and sources, and address questions related to omega-3 consumption.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 88, Omega-3’s

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:47 – News & Views
    • Showing love to others – Stacy on butt tapping, Sarah on accidentally hugging a stranger at PFX
    • Stacy shares on her spring break and how great it was to unplug, and why she passed on an opportunity to participate in another Strongman competition
    • Stacy also shared more on Paleo f(x) and how her and Matt took the time to relax and enjoy not only the conference, but the local happenings
    • Their recent downtime allowed for Matt and Stacy to also reflect on the direction of the Paleo Parents and to rebirth the content that they share
    • Sarah just received part of The Paleo Approach Cookbook back from editing and appreciated the lessons she learned from the editing process from The Paleo Approach and how to implement those during this round of editing to protect her health as best as possible
    • While Stacy enjoyed vacation, she is excited to be back into her routine, her health focused diet, and back in the gym setting PRs
    • People loved last week’s podcast episode – Sarah and Stacy brainstormed ways to create that same awesomeness again
    • Sarah reflected on her first appearance at Paleo f(x) and how at home she felt with all the folks there
    • This week the show will focus on omega-3’s
  • 26:28 – Science with Sarah
    • One of the overarching themes within the paleo diet is how to best balance omega-6’s and omega-3’s, and people are familiar with omega-3’s due to its popularity in marketing
    • There are three main types of omega-3 fatty acids
    • Sarah shared on what a fatty acid is and went on to define omega-3’s and the difference between the kinds of fats (ALA, DHA, EPA)
    • The body really only uses DHA and EPA, and they are used for chemical reactions within the cell that produce signaling molecules that control inflammation, blood pressure, pain signaling, etc. – this is the key reason why we are trying to balance omega-3’s and omega-6’s, for their signaling properties
    • Omega-3’s and omega-6’s compete for these chemical reactions
    • ALA, the plant form of omega-3, is not the fatty acid used by the human cells and is not essential for life, EPA and DHA are essential for life
    • Knowing the difference between these three nutrients, one has to strongly look at their supplements and what role they are playing in their diet
    • EPA and DHA come from animal sources – fish, shellfish, grass-fed and wild meats, eggs
    • If you are eating flax, hemp or chia for the omega-3’s, there is not compelling reason to eat these foods as they are not a source
    • Sarah’s top recommended sources of omega-3’s are salmon (fatty fish), brain (organ meat), grass-fed meat, sea vegetables (seaweed)
    • Stacy points out that folks should check out the gallbladder podcast episode for more information on how her body handles fat when she supplements her diet with real food, and high quality sources of fat
  • 44:39 – Questions and Answers
    • Caroline – do the nutrients from canned fish degrade with time? why do I feel different when eating sushi versus canned fish? any suggestions on what to do with canned clams and oysters?
      • When these fats are in whole food form they are far more stable than when in isolated oil form, and the structure protects the fatty acids from being oxidated
      • Canned fish is a great source of omega-3’s
      • Sarah can’t think of a biological reason why sushi versus canned salmon would create different feelings, but Stacy is wondering if the rice may be impacting how she is feeling since those eating a paleo diet tend to stick to a low-carb approach
      • Check out the Paleo Parents recipe with canned whole baby clams, “Linguine” with Clam Sauce
      • Sarah eats the oysters right from the can, but she doesn’t like eating clams out of the can and recommends the Clam Chowder recipe from The Paleo Approach Cookbook once available
      • There are many clam recipes that can be adapted to be paleo friendly, or you could create a bottom vessel for clams like paleo chips or crackers
  • Both Stacy and Sarah contributed to the Primal Life Kit – be sure to check out this amazing package of resources! 
    • There is really good stuff in this bundle, over 49 items for $39, it is huge!
    • The discount codes are also amazing
    • The e-book that Sarah developed will not be sold independently, The Paleo Approach Quick Start Guide will only be available through the bundle
  • Check out Sarah’s upcoming book signing events, one of which is with Robb Wolf!
  • 1:10:03 – Outro

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