TPV Podcast, Episode 197, Carbohydrate Insulin Hypothesis

Ep. 197, Carbohydrate Insulin Hypothesis

On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah continue their discussion on the latest in weight loss research, shedding light on a study that tested the carbohydrate insulin hypothesis.

The Paleo View TPV 197 Carb Insulin Hypothesis

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 197, Carbohydrate Insulin Hypothesis

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (1:18)
    • Stacy has jet-lag
      • She had an amazing time
      • Matt posted on Instagram for Stacy
      • Stacy was truly able to disconnect while away and it was so amazing
      • Stacy is hoping she can stay a little bit in that mental vacation mode forever
    • How Sarah manages her social media time
  • Weight Loss Research Continued (12:40)
    • This week’s show will focus on another study that has been fairly controversial
    • This study was designed to be the best controlled study to finally test the carbohydrate insulin hypothesis of obesity
    • The flaw in the food journaling that is used in many studies
    • The idea of the study is that eating a lot of simple carbohydrates increases insulin, which increases fat storage and slows down your metabolism
    • The idea is that low carb and keto diets work is in the absence of carbohydrates our insulin drops and we turn on all this fat burning machinery – we become “fat adapted”
    • How the study was structured to test this
    • The results from the study
    • The goal of sustainable weight loss is to preserve your lean body mass because your muscle mass is what keeps your fat burning up
    • The ketogenic diet in this study did the exact opposite of what peoples goals are when losing weight
    • This study bust a myth that has been around for several decades
    • This is in tandem with other studies that show that the same number of calories on a low carb diet are more satiating than a standard american diet, which is the reason why Sarah thinks people lose weight on the Paleo diet – we are focusing on the most nutrient-dense and satiating foods in a balanced way to how we are eating
    • This study is not saying that low carb diets don’t work for losing weight, they are saying that you might do better with a different approach
    • They are saying that the reason why a low carb diet or keto diet helps with weight loss is because of the focus on more satiating calories and this natural energy deficit that occurs
    • Sarah’s reflection on when she was on a low carb diet
    • Framing the discussion around the healthiest way to lose weight – the importance of avoiding nutrient deficits when working towards a sustainable approach
    • The bottom line is that we need to have a caloric deficit, an energy deficit, to lose weight – this is different than saying that weight loss is about calories in and calories out
    • The flaws with “portion control” and calorie counting
    • The benefits of focusing on nutrient dense foods
  • An article on a Biggest Loser contestant who was given weight loss drugs to aid in their results
  • Stacy is happy to be back home and hopes to share a blog post soon on her journey and how she navigated food in Europe
  • Thank you for listening!
  • Outro (41:57)

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