The Whole View, Episode 495: Making Time for Self-Care Without Guilt

Welcome to episode 495 of The Whole View! This week, Dr. Sarah and Stacy examine the scientific benefits of taking care of yourself and offer tips on how you can establish better self-care without guilt.

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Key Takeaways

  • Proper self-care reduces blood pressure and increases oxygenation to the blood. It releases happy hormones like serotonin and brings you joy! Self-care what you do special for yourself is different for all of us.
  • How do you initiate and schedule self-care without guilt? One of the biggest most radical acts of self-love is to choose to accept yourself as you are today. Right now. We all want to be the best version of ourselves we possibly can. You can accept yourself as you are and want to make improvements. We cannot love ourselves if we don’t accept ourselves, and we can’t accept ourselves if we don’t respect ourselves.
  • It is well known (and supported by science) that we are better versions of ourselves when we have taken care of ourselves, and it’s a performance of love. It will be hard to start asking for time if you never have before, but this is where having a supportive community is essential. 
  • Mind (emotional self-care), body (loving and nourishing your physical self), interpersonal (relationships with others), and personal (the things that bring you joy) are the four kinds of self-care. Even learning how to say no is an act of self-love without guilt.
  • Building support systems are crucial to making alone time for yourself. Employ your spouse or partner or even your extended family and tell them what you need. If you don’t have anyone that you could work with to build support, join a “support now” with the intent of building a relationship where you can swap for each other with a reasonable goal time (like a year). 
  • No one can read your mind. Only you know what will fill your cup, depending on how much it’s drained and what restores you. If you don’t share that requirement, it won’t happen. You HAVE to let go for it to truly be self-care because if you spend the entire time supposed to be refilling your cup worried about others, you aren’t allowing the disconnect to happen. 

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