The Whole View, Episode 426: Updates and News From Us!

Welcome to episode 426 of The Whole View! This week, Stacy and Sarah take a well-deserved break. They dive into some of the feedback they’ve received about the show. And spend some time checking in with each other and giving updates on what they’ve been up to!

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The Whole View, Episode 426: Updates and News From Us!

Welcome back to episode 426 of the Whole View. (0:34)

Stacy tells us due to the density of the last few episodes, this time, she and Sarah are going to take a step back, catch up, and give updates after those super wonderful, super long, super informative last few podcasts.

Sarah found that pulling the research together for last week’s Covid-19 show and summarizing it was emotionally draining.

And she’s sure it was pretty draining to listen to as well since there weren’t very many rays of sunshine in it.

Sarah and Stacy decided to do an updates and check-in style show where they have an opportunity to talk about all the little things that are hard to fit into the bigger meaty topic.

Sarah decides to start things off by sharing a bit of feedback on some of the more recent shows.

Stacy jokes that she’s shocked Sarah wants to share positive feedback, saying it’s something they never do!


Feedback on Episode #424

Stacy shares that a part of her feels a little guilt over doing things like this. (2:28)

But she wants to remind listeners (and herself) that it’s super important to be aware of and listen to the positive feedback you get in life.

So many times, we focus on the negative things that we hear or think about ourselves. It’s important to support and encourage ourselves.

Stacy does remind the audience that while she and Sarah love the positive feedback, it doesn’t drive the show topics.

When fans of the show reach out with comments and/or engage with others about the show, it means the world. And encourages her (and Sarah) to continue to do the work that they do.

Stacy takes a moment to thank everyone and reminds us all that it’s okay to take a moment to feel good abound yourself.

Sarah segues into sharing this comment:

Sophia says, 

“This is not an inquiry, more of a comment for show #424. I love love love episodes like this one. I easily eat 30+ various fruit and vegetables a week. The produce bill is very high and we have little to no waste, we eat and use all the vegetables! My main comment is don’t forget the sea vegetables like seaweed! I love tossing kombu, arame or wakame into soups and stews. I’ll use sushi wrap nori like in a lettuce wrap around stir fried zucchinis and baked fish. My husband is not as much of a fan of seaweed as I am but i still find ways to add it to my food after meal prep. Thanks again for your show, I’ve been listening for years and still love and appreciate every show.”

More Thoughts on Fruits and Vegetables

Stacy comments that she’s sure there are hundreds of vegetables that were missed in that show.

She agrees that the category of sea-vegetables is such a good one. And she loves to add them as a sea-salt to a lot of her foods.

One of Sarah’s staples at her house is every flavor of sea-snacks. For her, Seaweed is a “I feel like something salty” go-to snack in her pantry.

She adds that the great thing about that episode is that they could miss a ton of easy-to-find fruits and vegetables.

And yet they were still able to list 75-80 different kinds by the end.

She also shares how wonderful it was to see that the intended message of “it’s okay, you got this, it’s not that scary” is what people go out of it.

Stacy shares she also received a lot of comments from people who were similar to her: they were scared by that number at first but then went back and realized they were closer than they originally thought.

Stacy mentions also seeing a lot from people who don’t have a ton of time, or they’re overwhelmed with picky-eaters, or they’re not sure where to start.

She mentions a recent blog post where she outlined every dinner her family ate over 2 weeks and included links to recipes.

This alone got her family up to around 26 for those two weeks, not including breakfast, lunch, or snacks.

Both Sarah and Stacy thank Sophia for adding yet another thing to the ever0-growing list of things people can do to add a number onto that list.

Feedback on Episode #421

This next comment comes from a viewer in regards to Episode #421: Body Image. (10:51)

Ashley says,

“I just wanted to write and say thank you for using they/them pronouns so easily when talking about Dr. Lindo Bacon on your most recent episode. I have a transgender child and it means so much to me to hear how inclusive your speech was. You ladies are simply amazing all around. Thank you for everything you do!”

More Thoughts on Pronouns

Stacy shares that this is very kind for Ashley to say, but she feels that it needs to be expected.

When Sarah did the research and found Dr. Lindo Bacon, it was something Sarah was very passionate about. And it mattered to Stacy how important it was to Sarah.

Stacy feels that that is the intent of the show; to care about the health and wellness of everyone. And if they’re not respectful of certain groups of people, how can they expect that group to be well. 

Sarah explains while doing her research, she noted that Dr. Lindo Bacon listed their pronouns as “they/them/their” in their “about” page.

She made sure to note it on her and Stacy’s outlines because respect and listening to others is something they talk a lot about in this show.

Sarah feels that using the pronouns another person uses to identify themselves is a basic show of respect.

To be gender-aware and inclusive is a really important thing to do in our society today.

Sarah also shares she works hard to pass that respect onto her children, so they understand just because something is more common doesn’t mean that it’s the only thing that’s normal.

Stacy also reminds us that if we do make a mistake and use the wrong word, it’s okay. It’s okay to be corrected, apologize, and learn.

We don’t always realize when we’re making assumptions. It doesn’t make us bad people.

Feedback on Episode #419

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah talked about how corn is a gut superfood.

Stacy expresses how touched she is at hearing this! Thank you, Donna!


Checking In With Sarah’s Updates

Stacy checks in with Sarah. Sarah comments that the overall theme for 2020 seems to require pretty continuous adaptation.

She adds that rolling with the punches, for her, is easier some days than it is others.

Her puppy is now at the age where she can hang out and doesn’t need undivided attention all waking hours, allowing Sarah to dig into bigger projects.

The reason Sarah does things like this podcast is because her brain is happiest when she’s feeding it with information and research.

The Coronavirus Pandemic ended up putting a major pause on Sarah’s book about the gut microbiome.

She decided to put everything into two ebooks: The Gut Health Guidebook and The Gut Health Cookbook.

She didn’t want everyone to have to wait for this long-format information, so she dropped everything to reorganize the project.

Now, she’s working on wrapping up the last few topics and developing a new plan for publication.

Sarah is also preparing the next AIP lecture series on January 18th, 2021.

The cart is now open, and there will be Early Bird Pricing until November 1st, 2020.

The plan currently is to teach one session next year.

Sarah is also offering diversity and inclusion scholarships this year. Information on those scholarships can be found right on the main landing page for the course.

Stacy thanks Sarah for taking what they talk about and implementing change.

Sarah jokes that she’s a huge planner and how 2020 made it very hard to follow her planned-out trajectory.

It feels good to get back to where she started the year off and get the information out there on the gut microbiome.


Checking In With Stacy’s Updates

Stacy touches on the Covid updates from last week and how that’s impacted her emotionally.

She is still home with the kids, and that it doesn’t look like they’ll be going back to school any time soon.

She jokes that she’s flip-flopped roles with Matt, who used to be a stay-at-home dad for much of her boys younger years.

Stacy also works full-time from home while acting as a virtual teacher, so she has a lot of roles she’s juggling.

She says she is still adjusting to all the changes and feels like she’s resisting a bit.

Sarah adds that we all miss “normal,” but we can’t put everything on hold. She assures Stacy she’s not resisting change- there’s just a lot to adapt to, and it takes time.

Stacy updates listeners on her foster situation.

She says taking on the training process and the paperwork to become foster parents, then bringing a child into the home for about three months, and the process of someone you’ve become attached to leaving your home is all are huge changes on their own.

Then to add in the family dynamic changes of Matt working and her staying home and a global pandemic, Stacy has undergone a lot of change in 2020.

Stacy shares that the child they’ve been fostering for several months is no longer with the family. They said goodbye several weeks ago.

Stacy explains that she and her family took some time after to get back.

Through her first foster experience, she learned not to focus so much on just the foster child and his/her acclamation.

She realizes she missed the critical element of spending time with all the kids one-on-one time like she used to. And that she needs to get better at balancing that going forward.

Stacy shares that this was a life-changing experience for her. And that was what she was looking to get out of being a foster parent.

She wants to help more children and help her own children understand the privilege, security, and privilege they all share is special and a gift that needs to be treasured.

A lot of Stacy’s time over the last month has been dedicated to processing.

Stacy shares that she feels good about everything that’s been happening, but it’s not been easy.

Stacy also shares an update on the safer cosmetics bills in California that have been put into action.

California is changing the trajectory of beauty products in the US!

Stacy also explains the role she and Beautycounter played in helping this change come to fruition.

She thanks all those who supported her throughout this journey and helping her bring healthy change to the next generation using beauty products.

Beautycounter’s mission is to provide clean and safer beauty products to consumers.

Final Thoughts

Sarah thanks listeners. These check-in style shows are a great way to take a break, catch up, and go over updates.

And for the opportunity for checking in on their lives and their projects.

They promise something cool will be in store for you next week!

Sarah talks about the research she’s done on collagen and promises there will be something coming up on that topic soon!

Stacy assures listeners that their questions and comments regarding that are being heard. 

She adds that if you enjoyed the conversational feel of today’s show, you can check out The Whole View on Patreon for more.

Stacy and Sarah upload weekly bonus content and listen to their unfiltered thoughts on each episode.

Sarah adds it’s a great way to support creatives and get questions in front of them more easily.

Thank you so much for your support, positive feedback, and for joining us today.

More science and updates to come!

Stacy and Sarah cannot thank you enough for stumbling through 2020 with them.

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