Thankful for Real Life Paleo, SNEAK PEEK Recipes & So Much More!

As we wrap up the first leg of the Paleo View Book Signing Tour and reflect back on all that has happened since the release of Real Life Paleo (the four massive giveaways, sharing a sneak peek look at the chapters, traveling all over the country to see your beautiful faces, acheiving our Costco dream, and reading your incredible reviews) we are simply floored by all that has happened. To say we are thankful for all that has happened is an understatement.

We will never have the chance to say this enough, but thank you so much for all you did to make the launch of Real Life Paleo such a success! We hope that our site, filled with free recipes, discount codes, giveaways and tips to help you live a healthy life, will serve as a token of our appreciation.

Oh, and speaking of our massive giveaways – the winner of last week’s Cook Your Way Through the Book: The Tools is:

Mark Bernard


While out on tour we greatly missed our family and friends, sleeping in our own bed, and home-cooked meals from our kitchen! Thanksgiving weekend will be a time for catching up with all three of these things, and we plan to get back into our cooking groove with one epic vegan-friendly Paleo Thanksgiving menu. For a look at our Thanksgiving menus from years past, here are 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Our Paleo Vegan Thanksgiving Menu 2014 on Paleo Parents

No, we aren’t evolving into a vegan template. I’ve talked a lot about my past as a vegetarian, and my brother turned the opposite direction as me years ago. While I focus on eating sustainably, humanely raised meat to feel good about my food choices (see Beyond Bacon), he’s been vegan for longer than I’ve been Paleo! Good news is, aside from the bird, it’s pretty easy to make a vegetable-rich meal we can all enjoy!


Egg Nog by Paleo Parents – make ahead!

Sparkling Apple Cider by Elana’s Pantry (VEGAN) – make ahead!


Meatballs 3 Ways from Real Life Paleo – make ahead!

Stuffed Mushrooms from Real Life Paleo (VEGAN)

Spinach Artichoke Dip from Real Life Paleo, served with The Paleo Mom’s Plantain Crackers and crudites (VEGAN) – make ahead!

Bacony Deviled Eggs from Eat Like a Dinosaur (brought by a guest)

 Main Meal

Pork Stuffing Casserole from Beyond Bacon

Sweet Potato Drop Biscuits from Beyond Bacon

Green Bean Casserole from Real Life Paleo (VEGAN with fat substitution)

Cranberry Sauce (double the topping when making Real Life Paleo’s Cranberry Orange (no bake) Coconut Bars)  (VEGAN)

Rosemary Carrot Mash from Beyond Bacon (VEGAN with fat substitution)

A Proper Giblet Gravy by The Kitchn

Roasted Brussel Sprouts  by Serious Eats (VEGAN)

A big ol’ brined & roasted bird!


Salted Caramel Maple Pecan Bars by The Foodie Teen (VEGAN)

Paleo Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake Squares by Clean Eating with a Dirty Mind (VEGAN)

Apple Pie Cheesecake by Let’s Beat the Wheat (VEGAN)

Cranberry Orange (no bake) Coconut Bars from Real Life Paleo (VEGAN)

Ok, we won’t make all that food… I just can’t choose!


RLP Review Round-Up Graphic

Finally, we are SO grateful for all of the support, encouragement, and positive in the latest Real Life Paleo reviews! Thank you to everyone who has already left reviews on on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Good Reads, Book Depository or anywhere you can find online! Additionally, here are lots more from around the internets – complete with full recipes from the book and a GIVEAWAY!


 Primally Inspired


“They were a cinch to make and wow did we love them. They require zero baking and contain only a minimal amount of natural sweetener. I especially enjoy bold and contrasting flavors and these bars had just that. There’s the crunchy walnut crust, creamy coconut middle followed by a tangy cranberry and orange layer that has just the perfect amount of tang and sweetness. Perfection! I know my family is going to swoon over these no bake cranberry orange bars at Thanksgiving :)

Cinnamon Eats


“There is so much more to this book than I can get into here so I’ll just say this… I TRULY recommend checking this book out! And with the holiday season approaching I definitely think this would make a great gift to share with others! Like I said above there is something in this book for everyone, whether you’re just starting out on this journey and trying to figure out what to eat or feed your family or if you’ve been doing this for some time and just want some new recipes to add to the mix, you’re going to LOVE Real Life Paleo!”


The Curious Coconut


“This part of the book is also full of practical tips to help you stay on track, no matter what real life (ha!) throws at you, including holidays, eating out, and special events like birthdays. There are also tips for how not to break the bank while on paleo and for sourcing the best ingredients for your cooking. Other sections include some fundamental techniques everyone should master like making paleo-friendly mashes and rices, building salads, drinking enough water, and crafting spice blends.

I would say that my favorite thing about the book is the way it is organized and categorized. Recipes are denoted as Phase 1, 2, or 3 and there are check boxes for egg-free, nut-free, and nightshade-free. There is also an allergen index that you can quickly reference to see which recipes fit your dietary needs, sorted by recipe type (appetizers, sides, mains, etc.). There are also 5 main categories that you’ll find spread throughout the book: holiday, on the go, under 5 ingredients, under 30 minutes, and one pot meals.”

TheCuriousCoconutRLPReview,2We were thrilled to have the opportunity to meet Amanda while stopping in Tampa on the Paleo View Book Signing Tour!

Real Food Outlaws


“Back to the eggnog! Can I just say, I’ll never go back to store-bought again after making this one! This recipe is amazing and is now going to be our holiday staple from before Thanksgiving to through the New Year!

With just a few simple ingredients I was able to whip up a delicious, family friendly drink in five minutes (the cooked version takes a bit longer).”

Things My Belly Likes


“Last year, the dream team of Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry released Beyond Bacon, a beautiful, informative and very comprehensive book all about pig meat in its various forms (read my review here). Now they’re doing it again, except this time it’s so much more than pork. Inside RLP are 175 paleo recipes (helpfully well signposted to let you know what’s egg free, dairy free etc) and they cover the whole gamut of eating from breakfast, snacks, desserts, mains and sides to second breakfast and third dinners (what? those are things!). I also really loved the way the contents page carried a thumbnail pic of every recipe, making it very easy to navigate. But Real Life Paleo is not just a recipe collection, it’s also guide on how to transition to paleo eating…and stick with it.”

Primal Bites

Primal Bites RLP Review

“I love that  Real Life Paleo is all about choosing foods that nourish your body; it emphasizes choosing the good, rather than cutting out the bad. You can look at Paleo in one of two ways: the negative way—no grains, no beans, no legumes, no refined sugar, no dairy, etc.— OR the positive way—choose foods that nourish and heal your body from the inside out. To me, the latter is what Paleo really boils down to, and it’s what Real Life Paleo is all about.”

Primal Bites Book Tour VisitAnd we’re thrilled to have had the chance to meet Sarah while in New York on our book signing tour


Lastly, I have been feeling incredibly grateful and thankful lately. Now that the book tour is over I’m starting to collect my thoughts and think about how I want to share about it, what it meant to me, how very powerful it was, and so much more. But, what I don’t want to wait to share, is how very vivid our past quickly became. With each city on the tour (17 total) I retold our family’s history, how each of us has unfathomable improvements in our health – all detailed here.

After over 4 years on this journey it’s easy to forget, and this new state of incredible health has become the “new normal”. Each and every time I told this story it became more and more engrained in me how very much we have to be thankful for. I have my health, I have a healthy family; I achieved my original goals of losing 20% of my body fat and gaining energy – in fact, I lost double that amount and have so much energy my family has to keep up with me (instead of me desperately wanting just a few minutes of energy in the evening for playing with them).

Given these feelings, and hitting some wonderful milestones in social media – which has led me to be incredibly grateful to have shared all of this with youI am sharing 80 reasons I like (am grateful for) Paleo (which I originally posted on our Facebook page when it hit 80k “likes”).

1. I’m grateful for my family’s health. Ok, that needs a few more…
2. I’m grateful I no longer have near-debilitating back and joint pain.
3. I’m grateful to no longer have painful heartburn.
4. I’m grateful to no longer have dangerous sleep apnea.
5. I’m grateful to have lost over 100 pounds.
6. I’m grateful to have gotten off the yo-yo diet rollercoaster.
7. I’m grateful for keeping my fat loss for over 4 years.
8. I’m grateful for the first time in my life my white blood cell count and other blood work indicates a state of HEALTH.
9. I’m grateful I’ve healed my body so well that I’ve gone from being a life-long couch potato to a competitive athlete.
10. I’m grateful to have gained muscle and be STRONG.
11. I’m grateful for finding the sport of heavy things.
12. I’m grateful for my strong friends who encourage and inspire me to be the strongest me I can be.
13. I’m grateful for the confidence being a Strong Woman has given me.
14. I’m grateful to appreciate my own body for what it CAN do instead of be frustrated at what it looks like.
15. I’m grateful for every time I can remember that this journey is my own and that “comparison is the thief of joy”.
16. I’m grateful to know that only I can control how I perceive myself and the happiness and joy I choose to have as a result of that.
17. I’m grateful for every family member who has embraced this craziness with us.
18. I’m grateful for all the friends that have stood by me as we’ve taken this incredible journey to health and wellness.
19. I’m grateful for every friend I’ve met as a result of this journey.
20. I’m grateful for Sarah Ballantyne of The Paleo Mom who inspires me to seek out nutrients and health over aesthetics and what people expect of me.
21. I’m grateful to be privileged to know Danielle Walker of Against All Grain, whose humility and grace inspires us to be better people.
22. I’m grateful to have met and become friends with Russ Crandall and family of The Domestic Man, who inspires us to be true to the flavors food is capable of when prepared traditionally.
23. I’m grateful to have met Stephanie Gaudreau of Stupid Easy Paleo whose commitment to her craft and sport are an honor to witness and inspire us daily.
24. I’m grateful to have local bloggers ( virginia is for hunter-gatherers, predominantly paleo, Merit & Fork ) and a local community to turn to when we want to celebrate, vent, or take a dip in the salt water hot tub while enjoying kombucha in wine glasses (without thinking we’re weirdos).
25. I’m grateful for the kindness of strangers who reach out and introduce themselves to us, letting us know how our efforts have impacted their lives.
26. I’m grateful for the bonds in my life that only got better as we explored this new lifestyle together.
27. I’m so very, super, incredibly grateful for my absolutely amazing husband who is the best thing that ever happened to me, including being the best advocate for my health and happiness.
28. I’m grateful that this lifestyle has given my husband more confidence.
29. I’m grateful that this lifestyle has relieved my husband of debilitating seasonal depression.
30. I’m grateful that this lifestyle has relieved my husband of severe pet allergies that kept us from visiting family and friends with dogs.
31. I’m grateful my husband decided to embrace this change and be a supportive partner, making us better parents.
32. I’m grateful that this lifestyle has brought my husband and I together more, mentally in alignment with our life goals.
33. I’m grateful that this lifestyle has brought my husband I together more, physically (yep, I said it).
34. I’m grateful my husband and I will live longer, healthier lives together.
35. I’m grateful I’m more energetic and available for my children as a result of this lifestyle.
36. I’m grateful for the improvements made to Cole’s behavior.
37. I’m grateful for the improvements made to Cole’s health – no longer needing an inhaler, completely cured of asthma.
38. I’m grateful for the improvements made to Finian’s behavior.
39. I’m grateful for the improvements made to Finian’s health – no longer needing steroids for eczema.
40. I’m grateful for the life my youngest child, Wesley, got to live from day one – no colic, no heartburn, just a happy life filled with Paleo foods and an energetic family to spoil and play with him.
41. I’m grateful my children’s lives have been improved by the financial support of all of you.
42. I’m grateful that with this new lifestyle came a clearing of brain fog.
43. I’m grateful that with renewed energy and cleared brain fog I have been able to grow and improve my career.
44. I’m grateful that I’m able to provide a life for our family off of our hard work.
45. I’m grateful to provide for our paleo parents team members a life for their family off of all of our hard work.
46. I’m grateful that all that hard work helps benefits, inspires and motivates you!
47. I’m grateful I was able to convince my mom of the importance of living this lifestyle, if only sometimes within the paradigm of Phase 1 in Real Life Paleo, since her body so closely mirrors mine.
48. I’m grateful to have had the ability to write Real Life Paleo.
49. I’m grateful that Real Life Paleo has already helped countless people get family and friends on-board with eating nutrient-dense, healing foods.
50. I’m grateful that our publisher trusted us to write a book so far outside the paradigms of Paleo being a “strict 30 day elimination diet”.
51. I’m grateful for the community and colleagues for supporting this approach and understanding the value it has for the regular, everyday person.
52. I’m grateful that RLP was picked up by ALL Canada Costco locations – offering HUGE opportunity to change lives!
53. I’m grateful that RLP is already on numerous bestselling lists.
54. I’m grateful for every positive comment, photo, and social media share that encourages other to try RLP or our other recipes and books.
55. I’m grateful for lucking into writing Eat Like a Dinosaur for Victory Belt years ago.
56. I’m grateful for my mom, teaching me to value animal’s lives as a result of 7 years as a vegetarian.
57. I’m grateful that respect for animals led us to write about humanely, sustainably raised meat in Beyond Bacon.
58. I’m grateful for meeting Mike & Molly Peterson, whose farm (Heritage Hollows) inspired us to write about why buying direct from a farmer (especially whole hogs) is so very important for the earth, our wallets, and our health in Beyond Bacon.
59. I’m grateful for meeting Aimee Buxton, who helped our visions come to the page in a stunning way we never could have done on our own in Beyond Bacon and Real Life Paleo.
60. I’m grateful for the entire Paleo Parents team, who puts up with my neurotic incessant need to be perfect every single day. The ladies of the team are lovingly referred to as our “sister wives” because of how much we think of them as part of our actual family.
61. I’m grateful for the growth the team has added to the blog, giving you all better content.
62. I’m grateful for the growth the team has added to the blog, helping us be better writers.
63. I’m grateful for the growth the team has added to the blog, helping us be better photographers.
64. I’m grateful for the growth the team has added to the blog, helping us be better leaders.
65. I’m grateful for the growth the team has added to the blog, helping us be better parents.
66. I’m grateful for the supportive community you all have been to us, helping us be better parents.
67. I’m grateful for the supportive community you all have been to others, when we cannot answer questions all the time.
68. I’m grateful for the memories I’ve built within this community.
69. I’m grateful for being able to continue family traditions with delicious paleo-ized foods.
70. I’m grateful for being able to build new memories with the children around healthy habits (like feeding Santa’s reindeer carrots).
71. I’m grateful for being able to make new traditions with local farms and connectivity to making the earth a better place.
72. I’m grateful being able to make new traditions with our bodies (like handstand month and playing outside more often) and making our bodies healthier.
73. I’m grateful for all the things I’ve discovered since I took accountability for our family’s health.
74. I’m grateful for delicious, paleo food.
75. I’m grateful for finding a way to tolerate offal, especially tongue, heart and liver.
76. I’m grateful to broth, for giving me my life back and alleviating many, many years’ worth of joint pain.
77. I’m grateful for bacon.
78. I’m grateful for steak. And horseradish. And Paleo mayo.
79. I’m grateful for Jeni’s grass-fed ice cream. Oh wait…
80. I’m grateful that I don’t have to be a perfectionist to reap the benefits of this health movement.

After the tour, and meeting countless individuals who express how Paleo (or even us specifically) saved their family’s health, I can’t thank you enough for helping me appreciate and better understand how very many things I have to be grateful for. The impending holiday (centered around giving thanks) adds to these feelings I’m sure, but overall I’m just unbelievably grateful to be here, to have been able to change our family’s health, and somehow in the process touched the lives of so many of you who have been “paleo-ing it forward” ever since.


Thank you again for all your support! Please continue to tag us in media using @paleoparents or #RealLifePaleo as you make recipes or posts reviews – we love to see and read them!

AND seriously the BIGGEST PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE IN THE WHOLE WORLD – if you haven’t already, please help us spread the Paleo for Real Life message to the masses and leave a review on AmazonBarnes & NobleGoodreads and Book Depository!


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