Much to be Thankful For

Just a very quick post to stop and be thankful. As you read this post we’re cooking for our Thanksgiving Menu, enjoying the company of our family and spending quality time together.

Later today each of our family members will go around in a circle and state something they’re thankful for. For Matt & I, we hardly know where to begin. In the past couple years our family has found health. We’ve found friendship to last a lifetime through the paleo community. We’ve been graced with your support both emotionally and financially; Eat Like a Dinosaur‘s success has been more than we could’ve hoped for.

I know that not everyone who reads our blog has the same life we are fortunate to have. Paleo can be a costly and hard to implement lifestyle when we don’t have the resources, financial or emotional to help us succeed on our journey.

Some of you may be frustrated today because you wanted to purchase a free range bird but couldn’t afford to, or maybe you’re exasperated by your family’s unwillingness to accommodate your dietary needs for the big meal. Whatever the reason, today’s the day to find a way to be positive and find things for which you are thankful.

What I hope is that each of you has love and laughter on this day.

If you’re reading this you have electricity, you have a computer. You probably live in a home with safe shelter and don’t worry about where your next meal will come from. You’ve found paleo and are hopefully experiencing improved health and finding the online community helpful and supportive.

In the face of all the struggles and frustrations we all face, today’s a day to hug a person in your life, take a deep breath, relax and find peace that life will never be perfect – but it could always be worse. We all have much to be thankful for.


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