Meal Plan Kick Off to 2021!

Happy New Year! Who else is ready to get back on the meal plan wagon?! Not to say we strayed very far over the last few weeks, but we wanted to have flexibility for foods that we treasure around the holidays. And we are now choosing to ignore the toxic diet culture swarming what seems to be every outlet possible! Instead, we’re focusing on a nutrient dense and healing start to our 2021 meal plan. This isn’t meant to discount many of you who may be focused on a lifestyle change for your dietary needs. We understand completely what that holds! Just know your worth is NOT determined by your size! 

How do we approach this time of year? We focus our meals around foods that make us feel good from the inside out. More vegetables, broth-based dishes, and flavor for days! When you’re satiated from healing foods, it’s less about what you take away and more about adding flavor. 

Meal Plan Kick off 2021 Real Everything Stacy Toth

Meal Plan Ideas for Kickoff to 2021!

We’ve got a few recipe ideas for you to finish your first week strong, filled with delicious and healing food! 

Bone Broth

If there’s one thing that you can make right now to start your nutrient reset off right, it’s Bone Broth. Not only is it amazing to have on hand for quick use in many recipes such as soups, stews, cooking rice, etc. But it’s one of the most powerful foods you can have in your nutrition arsenal! (P.S. If you can’t get your collagen from bone broth, this is my new favorite brand!) 

Stir Fry Fridge Dump

Got a bunch of random stuff in your fridge about to go bad? We suggest the Stir Fry Fridge Dump! Take everything out of that produce drawer, even if it looks sad, chop it up and toss it in! Serve it up over some cauliflower rice and you can level up your vegetable intake for sure! Or be a little extra and put a soft boiled or fried egg on top! 

Veggie Loaded Broccoli “Cheese” Soup

You may have excelled at your charcuterie board skills over the holiday, but this soup won’t have you missing all that cheese. Roasted veggies and a secret ingredient helps this soup pack a nutrient dense punch! You had better make a double batch as you’ll be wanting more as the weeks go on. 

Harry’s Cottage Pie

One of our top comfort foods is our Harry’s Cottage Pie. Not only does it give us that warm feeling in our hearts remembering our trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but it fills us to the brim with not only extra veggies but that umami flavor!

The Easiest Meatza

Pizza night can still be a staple in your house this week, just with a slight twist! Our Easiest Meatzas are fun to make and have everyone customize to be their own! Or you can spice it up and go crafty and make our Chicken BBQ Pizza with our famous Peach Butter Barbecue Sauce! Again whip up a big batch of it, as you’ll want to put it on everything! 

Super Gyro Meatball Bowls

Your favorite carry out meals can be made just as easily at home! I promise! Our Super Gyro Meatball Bowls are a copy cat from one of our favorite restaurants. But if you’re buckling down on your budget and trying to be as nutrient dense as possible, carry out isn’t the answer. Making it at home you can load it up with additional veggies, olives, herbs and anything you desire! 

Green Smoothies

I know, I know…this seems SO JANUARY. But hear us out. Smoothies are a really versatile vessel to get in those additional veggies, fats and proteins your body needs. You can really make them however you are feeling for the day, sweet, savory, even crunchy! 

How about it, are you ready?

Let’s kick the rest of this week off with a nutrient filled bang! But all the while putting our hands up to the detox diet filled media. And instead eating what we want to give our bodies the foods it deserves to work at it’s best. Give those 206 bones a calcium hug with some spinach. Your liver a nice broccoli boost for all the work it does each and every day. But most importantly, put your hand to your heart and just simply say thank you with every single bite. 


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