ICYMI Monday July Begins… Update on my cholesterol with Long Covid

The Fourth of July was hard for me this year. It was very hard to feel any sense of celebration, so I used it as a time to reflect on the state of things. We  have to remember we are in this thing together. So in case you missed it, here’s my thoughts on freedom, stigma, my cholesterol with Long Covid, and a Kiddo update I hope makes things a little brighter (it did for me)!

Cholesterol with Long Covid (and what actually helped mine)

I never had cholesterol issues, which I attribute to prioritizing Omega 3 and reducing inflammation (both with lifestyle and removing foods that I don’t tolerate well). But, ugh, with Long Covid, my levels went up along with, of course… inflammation. This last year I’ve focused on further focusing on my health, tracking actual health markers and not just how things felt – and things have improved, woot!

Guess what I changed in my diet to improve cholesterol? Nothing! In fact, I started eating corn and probably more “treats” than ever. Science knows inflammation is the cause of high cholesterol, but we’re often told that means diet, because of diet culture. Removing coffee to reduce my cortisol, which allowed for getting more sleep and eating a nourishign breakfast helped my body recover from Long Covid brought my cholesterol levels down!

Not that I have anything to prove, but because people in bigger bodies are constantly assumed to have bad blood sugar, my metabolic panels are all “great.” I have two inflammatory markers “indicative of an older infection,” which points directly to my struggle with Long Covid.

The point is that health isn’t what you see. Fat people can be healthy or not– their weight isn’t what determines that. Thin people can be too. None of that is anyone’s business unless we are their doctor.

Fourth of July Reflection

As America’s birthday came and went, I couldn’t help thinking about how the majority of Americans’ beliefs aren’t being represented by our government. Never mind that our entire system is built around the “will of the people.” We are now being ruled by a system that no longer cares what the majority wants.

I used to think there was a way to do this without “bashing” or criticizing the other side. I get wanting to be likable so people will listen, but when it comes to human rights, they won’t be “ready” to hear about it until you demand it. When we put the feelings of someone who has more rights than us above our own need for independence, freedom, and autonomy, that is a symptom of the Patriarchy.

Keep in mind that the Patriarchy is rooted in White Supremacy. Many vulnerable people have been mistreated as far back as their lineage can track. They are allowed to be mad, even if it hurts someone’s feelings. If that’s not you, then be the bridge to help someone else understand it.

We have to be on the same team because together, we are the majority. Splitting hairs has allowed divisiveness into our country and set us back decades. To see change, we have to take action, which will look different for everyone.

But the truth is, taking action will hurt some people’s feelings. You can’t reason with the unreasonable, and human rights are non-negotiable.

I talk more about it here.

Kiddo Update!

We are still in the paperwork process for Kiddo’s adoption, but we had a major moment I wanted to share with you. Recently, I asked Kiddo if they’d think about calling me mom or a variation they were comfortable with. 

They said they’ve wanted to for a long time but weren’t sure if it was okay!

I was a little afraid to ask. I worried they’d think I was trying to erase or replace their bio mom. They were concerned the other siblings wouldn’t be okay sharing. Let this be a lesson that if you want something, just ask!

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