Clean Curly Hair Products + Routine That’s Improving My Hair!

I stopped cutting my hair in quarantine and accidentally started growing it out. But then post-Covid and with Long Hauler’s, I had a ton of shedding and hair loss I couldn’t stop. It took me a while, but I have finally settled into a haircare routine that I feel confident sharing! I’ve tried so many different products, routines, and strategies to get to this point and have had to troubleshoot a lot. The good news for you is that I’m sharing my favorite cleaner hair-styling finds and the routine that’s been improving my hair health!

I haven’t worn my hair long and curly since 1999, y’all! I was pregnant or nursing for 10 years straight. Then had autoimmune flares. Then Long Covid hair loss. Finally, THIS routine is making it possible!

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All products mentioned are on my Amazon Faves NonToxic Beauty list  or my Target Clean Product Guide.

Pre-Wash Prep

Before washing, use a Clarifying Serum with scalp massager to create blood flow and remove build-up. If you haven’t tried Vegamour’s products yet, this is your sign. Their growth serum has done wonders for thickening and strengthening my curls.

Using a boar bristle brush, detangle by brushing out before washing. Yes, I know brushing curly hair is controversial. For me, this is about removing knots. This helps reduce breakage and shedding while washing, since wet hair is more vulnerable.

I love GRO shampoo & conditioner. When shampooing, focus only on washing your scalp and let rinse over rest of hair while. Apply the conditioner to the ends of your hair, then with remainder on hand apply to the top of head and leave on as long as possible!

p.s. I only wash my hair once, maybe twice a week!

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Lock in Those Curls!

After showering, I apply Camille Rose  Fresh Curl Revitalizing Hair Smoother and Honey Hydrate Leave in Conditioner. Then I use the bowl method to distribute product and get better curl clumps.

Keeping my hair upside down, I use a RePear microfiber hair cloth for however long I have to “plop” the curls. I find if I put my hair in the towel after using the bowl method and then allow it to sit for 20-45 minutes before gently removing the towel and air drying, I get fantastic curls without frizz or hair loss. Flipping my hair upside down, I’ll either air dry (most days) or diffuse.

The bowl method is really key here. And I know, it sucks to wet your hair again after getting out of the shower. But, I only wash my hair once, maybe twice, a week. And it only takes about 2 minutes in the bowl!

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After Care

To refresh my curls throughout the week:

I swear by Vegamour’s dry shampoo. I LOVE it, it has CBD and works so well. Before Vegamour, I used (and buy for my teen) Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo.

On the bottom part of my hair I make a homemade Refresh Spray (in this spray bottle) with Function of Beauty Anti-Frizz Booster Shots (2 per batch), a few pumps of the Camille Rose Smoother, and about a quarter size of GRO conditioner. I shake before use, then spray and scrunch!

Or, you can simply use heatless curls. I never regret making the time for that before bed because then my hair is done with no effort at all the next day!

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