I can’t express enough the importance of planning ahead. It’s not just a Paleo thing, it’s a parenting thing. When traveling, if you don’t anticipate a need for swim suits, extra underwear and toothpaste, you’ll quickly find yourself at the local super-mart buying again what you already own at home. Trust me: been there, done that.

Not that we’re masters of anything, but we’ve learned that this planning ahead philosophy is now essential to our Paleo parenting success as well. So, in preparation for our “bacation” (as Fini calls our mini vacation for Memorial Day) to Luray Caverns and the Natural Bridge we’ve packed our car cooler full of food we know to be safe for snacks, picnics and 7-11 avoidance.


We’ve got water bottles for each person, a huge batch of jerky, LaraBars, applesauce squeezers, seaweed, juice boxes (they’re low-sugar, see our Amazon Store if you’re wondering about brands), gluten-free granola from our local farmer’s market, apples and a slicer. We also packed some Paleo muffins and hard boiled eggs in a cold compartment. We should have no need to buy snacks, and maybe even skip purchasing a meal or two. Best of all, no one should get tummy aches or lethargically depressed (from gluten) on vacation!

This post brought to you from the passenger seat of our mini-van, en route to the caverns. Thanks, Steve Jobs!”

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