Our 4th Paleo-versary!

4th paleoversary 1


This week marks the fourth year since we have switch to a paleo diet and embraced ancestral health and, on top of all that, started the precursor to this site. We can’t forget this date because it happens to coincide with the birth of our baby, Wesley. As the story goes, Stacy checked out The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain because the phrase “paleo” kept coming up while she was searching for dairy-free desserts. I guess there’s a place for paleo treats after all!

And just look at what it has done for us!


Stacy has gone from being morbidly obese, getting winded walking up stairs, and, frankly, headed for an early grave, to being one of the strongest people I’ve ever met. Also, continues to gain sexiness strength every day.

Easter Family Photo of PaleoParents

The rest of us aren’t doing too bad either! Our family is so much healthier, happier and more fun than we ever imagined we could be! Including our baby, Wesley, who is four today. If paleo babies are as much fun as that bundle of happiness, then I don’t know why we stopped at 3!

If you haven’t read about our success story before, here’s just a small list of things that have been changed by 4 years of this lifestyle for us:

  • Lost 200lbs as a couple
  • Resolved chronic inflammation causing heartburn, sleep apnea, severe seasonal and pet allergies, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and more
  • Stacy fixed a white blood cell count so high that doctors worried she had an infectious disease, now realized to be Celiac and IGA deficiency (two autoimmune diseases)
  • Our oldest son Cole saw such behavioral improvements he went from being nearly kicked-out of preschool to being the most well behaved child in Kindergarten
  • Our oldest son Cole went off of a daily inhaler for asthma that no longer exists (after 2 weeks of paleo)
  • Our middle son Finian leaned out of the “off the charts” obesity and resolved major behavioral deficiencies identified as early warning signs for ADHD/ADD
  • Our middle son Finian resolved chronic skin irritation and eczema that doctors wanted to put him on steroids for (at age 3)
  • Our youngest son Wesley never had any of the standard baby issues that plagued his brothers: no gas, no colic, slept through the night at 2 weeks old and just the happiest kid you’ll ever meet (having good digestion will do that for you)

We’re SO happy about our 4 years living this lifestyle, making it work for our busy suburban real life that we’ve since written 2 books with Victory Belt publishing (Eat Like a Dinosaur and Beyond Bacon) and are finishing up our 3rd (Real Life Paleo). But ours aren’t the only awesome Victory Belt resources. We have made so many wonderful friends and authors in the community that we want to share their wonderful works as well. What better way to celebrate 4 wonderful years of this lifestyle than by an epic paleo giveaway of resources to help others get started?!

8 books

4th Paleo-versary Giveaway: Win our 8 FAVORITE Victory Belt Paleo Resources!

How do you enter? Simple!

To enter:

BONUS entries if you:

Up to 6 entries per person. No purchase required!

Remember Matt’s rules of giveaways:

  1. Please use a valid email address when entering. I cannot use my dowsing rods to attempt to find which bytes form your contact address!
  2. Please follow all the rules so I don’t get frustrated by invalid entries. Nothing makes more of a sad panda than picking a winner who I have to disqualify.
  3. Please respond within 48 hours or I will have to pick a new winner! I have a certain set of skills that make me a nightmare to people who don’t respond: the ability to randomly draw again.
  4. Please be a US resident. My mana is too low to cast a Teleportation Spell!

Giveaway will end on Sunday, May 11, 2014.


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