2024 Word of the Year: Power

Get ready to imagine what would happen if you owned your power? This year, as I reflect on the tide we’re all riding as womanpower rises from Taylor, Beyonce, and Barbie – I feel the pull for us all. This year, here’s what’s-up:


identifying & owning our superpowers
being empowered & empowering others
advocating for others with our power
powering up others’ voices
embracing power for positive outcomes
tapping into collective brainpower


giving your power away
fearing power
feeling overpowered by others’
shame for lack of willpower
being overpowered
not believing you’re a powerhouse

Did you know Webster’s identified 2023’s word as “authentic”?

As I reflect and plan ahead I can’t help think of how women stepped into their authenticity and power, showed up as their true selves, and lifted 2023 up. Barbie, Beyoncé and Taylor all showed women especially how we don’t need to be afraid of our power and the collective good it can do.
Last year I completed a Harvard Business School program on “Power and Influence for Positive Impact”. It was truly eye opening. This year I’m using what I learned to enable us all to better use our power.
It’s not a coincidence that my theme for wardrobe this week on vacation has been pink Boho Barbie. I feel and see the progress. And I want to continue that momentum in 2024. It is a Leap Year, which many cultures recognize as a powerful year for forthcoming good fortune – specifically for women.
Though Snopes debunked it, I like the story that in 1288, Queen Margaret of Scotland passed a law to support women proposing to men on Leap Day – even enacting a fine for any man who refuses a leap day proposal. It supports the ongoing idea that Leap Years are Ladies’ Privilege.
Combined with the Year of the Dragon’s success energy – I know good is coming to us and our communities if we are willing to step into and embrace ours and other’s power. stepping into my pow

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