2024’s Top 9 Sustainable Gifts for Mom & Beyond

Happy Earth Day! 2024’s Top 9 Sustainable Gifts for Mom & Beyond are full of safer swaps for those you love – including yourself! It’s shocking that we’re in 2024 and still don’t have adequate protections in place for what we put on and in our body in the US.  And, at the same time, consumers are demanding more from brands. If you’re wanting to vote with your wallet on products that are earth-friendly, better for you, certified better for people and the planet (B Corp, Leaping Bunny, and EPA designations) then I hope this can become your go-to gifting guide!

You’ll find 3 categories in 2024’s Top 9 Sustainable Gifts for Mom & Beyond:

  • Safer, Clean Cosmetics
  • Safer, Clean Home
  • and Support Her Hobbies
  • plus what NOT to buy!

Want a short-cut?

I go into the why and more detail on each brand below. But, here are my top pics for 2024:

Safer, Clean Cosmetics:

Give the gift of helping someone love the skin their in. Whether they’ve already switched to safer or you’re helping them by replacing an item with something cleaner – they won’t mind because all of these perform! They are beautifully packaged and tested against 23 human health and environmental end-points as well as batch tested 8 times to ensure no contaminants. You’ll be gifting truly the best of the best.

Clean Eau De Parfum

Tips for How to Choose a Perfume Scent for Someone Else:

  1. Think about their favorite color. Because what colors we like are linked to how we feel, perfumes packaged in those colors will likely match the scent, or mood, of the scent. If someone loves pink, they’re likely to lean toward feminine, romantic, and sweet scents like Second Skin or Hyper Rose. On the other hand, someone that prefers blue will likely love Pacific Dreams, a fresh marine-inspired gender neutral scent.
  2. Ask what their favorite flowers are. Whether it’s floral, citrus, woody, green, fresh, ocean, ambers – it’ll tell you a lot. Beautycounter’s Top, Heart, and Base notes that will inform what matches can be found here.
  3. Remember what their favorite foods are. Does your recipient have a sweet tooth (gourmand, vanilla scents) or do they prefer a strong blend of spices (woody or amber scents).
  4. Think about where they like to travel. Gardening in the dirt (Hyper Rose) or sitting on the sand (Pacific Dreams)? Cabin in the woods (Miles Away) or penthouse in the city (Second Skin)? If there’s a type of vacation the recipient has been talking about, or they’re eager to recreate an epic trip, it would be so thoughtful to gift them a scent with a note that evokes that memory!
  5. When in doubt, be safe rather than sorry. When all else fails, opt for a Discovery Kit to help your recipient test out several perfumes they may be interested in without having to commit to using a full-size bottle.

Shop here (use code CLEANFORALL20 for 20% off your first purchase)

Limited-Edition Clean Swipe Hyaluronic Lip Balm Bundle

These hydrating balms have become an instant best seller. And these two limited editions colors won’t be around much longer. Save money with a duo and you can keep one for yourself! Or, buy a single to pair it with a book – I recently gifted Bitten HA Lip Balm and I want you to get a thank you note like I did! <3
Shop here (use code CLEANFORALL20 for 20% off your first purchase)

Red Light Face Mask

I recently shared that I got myself a red light mask, after reading a ton of science that supports the potential benefits. In fact, dermatologists, skincare experts, and scientists recognize the potential of red light therapy in a variety of skin concerns. From acne and rosacea to anti-aging, the anti-inflammatory properties of red light play a vital role in soothing the skin and, in turn, reducing redness, irritation, and signs of UV damage that reduce skin’s youthful appearance. Anyone would love this gift of self care!
Shop here use code WHOLEVIEW25 for 25% off

Safer, Clean Home:

While I provided a few clean home ideas, notice none of them are related to work someone would need to perform. A new kitchen tool or vacuum – no matter how nice – is sending a message that is more about what someone does for you. Let’s instead use gift giving as a way of what we can give them.

Filtered Shower Head (that works)

I recently shared about the shower head I’d finally found that both works (certified through EPA) and has a beautiful flow, and Instagram lost their dang minds. Evidently I wasn’t the only one who searched years for a solution that didn’t slow water pressure with the filtration system. The glorious amazing solution is only $26.99, shop here.


We have used AquaTru since 2020 when we first tried their at-home countertop reverse osmosis water filtration system. AquaTru purifiers use a 4-stage reverse osmosis purification process, it removes 15x more contaminants than ordinary pitcher filters and are specifically designed to combat chemicals like PFAS in your water supply, which are found in about half of US tap water.

AquaTru is one of the only companies that goes the extra mile to certify products to remove over 80 contaminants. Many companies claim high contaminant removal (over 200 contaminants), but do not have certification. I love that this easy-to-use countertop purifier removes:

  • ‘Forever chemicals’ (PFAS)
  • Fluoride
  • Chlorine
  • Chloramines
  • Lead
  • Chromium 6
  • Arsenic
  • Nitrates
  • Pesticides & Herbicides

Shop here use code WHOLEVIEW for 20% off


AirDoctor UltraHepa filter captures particles 100 times smaller than the ordinary HEPA filter. From volatile organic compounds to pollen and allergens, pet dander, dust mite, mold spores and even bacteria and viruses, AirDoctor filters out 99.99% of dangerous contaminants so your lungs don’t have to.

Yes, even viruses – can’t wait to see if we get less sick during the colder months!

We have ours in the center of our home, central to both the kitchen and dining area as well as the foyer where people get their first breath of our home. It’s very quiet and discrete against the wall. That said, we’ve had several guests either ask us about it because they’ve been thinking about their own (yes! I recommend) or because they have one too and love it. I haven’t ever talked to someone who didn’t have positive things to say – and after noticing a significant improvement in the way our home smells and seeing it effectively remove natural gas and smoke from the house has me on the bandwagon!

Shop here use code WHOLEVIEW for up to $300 off + a 3 year warranty ($84 value)

Support Her Hobbies:

I was gifted a pottery class for the holidays and am loving having a crafty outlet to explore! It’s become a great stress relief, playing in the earth materials and getting into a zen state on the wheel.

Whether she may also want to become a perimenopausal cliche SNL makes spot-on skits about, or perhaps your recipient wants try something else – supporting their hobbies is always a win! It shows you’re paying attention to their interests.

Some ideas

For a reader
  • Books (think new hardbacks they likely won’t buy for themselves or even 1st edition of something they really love) – if you need ideas checkout my Best Books of 2023, Best Dozen Books of 2022, or gift my book club here, or
  • Kindle Unlimited or  Audible membership (yes, you can gift those!), or
  • An e-reader, like a Kindle Paperwhite; I love the one I got myself after my MIL shared how much she loved her gift, or
  • Make a bookmark – we readers always need more and I would seriously love to see a reminder of someone’s love each time I open a book! Here’s 25 homemade bookmark ideas.

Folks in need of fun:

  • Clay classes to try pottery*
  • Apron for protection her art of choice (I bought this one made for bigger bodies)
  • tools to whatever craft she enjoys (a custom stamp is on my wishlist)

*If pottery isn’t something she’d like, what about yoga, painting, or some other classes you think she might like. Gifting an activity is the gift that keeps giving – not only will they enjoy it for a long time, but it also tells the person they deserve time to enjoy exploring their creative side.

Athletes & outdoor lovers:

What NOT to buy:


Unless you know she loves receiving cut flowers, don’t buy them. Not only does mom likely think to herself “oh great, they didn’t have to put much time, effort, or thought into these grocery store flowers they got 10 minutes ago,” she’s probably also wanting something that lasts. And, unless they’re locally sourced they’re a drain on the environment.
Plants are a better option! I have an orchard of trees representing my 4 children and peony and hydrangea bushes that cost about the same as a nice bouquet. It took me boldly telling my family I didn’t want them to waste money on flowers, but now I get something I love each year. Need ideas on where to start or what your loved one might like? Check out my Top 10 Healthiest Houseplants article to find good options!


While I provided a few clean home ideas, notice none of them are related to work someone would need to perform. A new kitchen tool or vacuum – no matter how nice – is sending a message that is more about what someone does for you versus what you can give to them.
Want more ideas? Checkout my Amazon Favorites shop.

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