Giving Thanks

Growing up, Thanksgiving was always a holiday of much to-do. My vegan brother introduced me to the idea of non-traditional Thanksgiving wonders, and now I host a dinner where normal eaters, vegans and Paleo eaters all come together to celebrate family and give thanks to the life we get to live.

In anticipation of this lovely family day where we sip wine and cider while enjoying the conversation of one another with our pants unbuttoned, we’re starting to get our recipes together for the Thanksgiving dinner we’ll be hosting. My MIL is bringing wild rice stuffing and a Tofurkey (for the non-Paleo eaters) as well as a root veggie puree that’s insanely delicious.

We’re making Vegan Nog, Cider and Deviled Eggs, Stuffed Mushrooms for appetizers and a roast turkey with mushroom gravy, roasted brussel sprouts, Curried Sweet Potato Hash, Cranberry Bars, Chiffon Pumpkin Pie, and our big experiment: making Samoas.

It’s still amazing to me how wonderful eating Paleo is. We feel and look great; and as bizarre as our eating habits are (when we describe them to strangers) it’s so simple to integrate into everyday life. It took some getting used to, but now with the right food stocked in our kitchen we make delicious, healthful, homemade food easily.

We hosted a dinner party last night with ribs (apple butter BBQ sauce from a local farm), homemade applesauce, roasted asparagus, and roasted banana and sweet potato mash. The (five) children then had whoopie pies from Elana’s marshmallow frosting recipe (in her book only) and chocolate cookies – the kids loved them. I’d be lying if I said the adults didn’t have their fair share either…

Tonight we’re having pork loin with apples and fennel, roasted cauliflower and salad followed by Elana’s carrot cake with coconut frosting (only in her book) for my FIL’s birthday. He’s recently been diagnosed as gluten and dairy intolerant, so we’re hoping to impress him with our meal!

I’m not sure Paleo would be half as much fun without an awesome chef and baker at home – but, it sure is wonderful just as it is!

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