Weekend Wrap Up, 11/1: Happy Halloween

Hope You Had a Spooky Halloween!

Here at Paleo Parents HQ, we’re big on Halloween. If you’re a longtime follower, you’re probably pretty aware of this. We’ve been doing a Candy-Free Halloween Party for years now (this year, it’s today – Saturday, November 1st!) and we love to do group costumes!

One year, we were the Justice League!

Group Costume OITNB at PaleoParents-001
Last year, Stacy and her friends were the cast of Orange is the New Black.

What will we be this year? You’ll see at the party!

Also on the blog this week

On Friday, we released The Paleo View Episode 114 on Beverages. What’s allowed to drink in the paleo diet? Is it mainly Scotch or can you supplement with Bourbon? Stacy and Sarah will set the record straight!

Also on Friday, we published Strong Woman Radio Episode 7 featuring Stephanie Gaudreau of Stupid Easy Paleo to talk about lifting and her work as “The Paleo Athlete”.

On Sunday we were visited by Cindy Sexton from Paleodish and Paleo View Episode 113. She shared her recipe for Chunky Beef Chili from her new book Paleo Takes 5 of Fewer. Delicious!

Want to win Real Life Paleo? On Monday we started another giveaway for 6 lucky people! Only a couple days left! Enter now!

Interested in Mediterranean cooking? Well Tuesday saw us review the new cookbook by Diane Sanfilippo, Caitlin Weeks, and Chef Nabil Boumrar called Mediterranean Paleo Cooking and share the great recipe for Fig and Ginger Chicken Tajine.

On Wednesday, we welcomed Corey from Domestic 360 to share the adorable recipe for Pumpkin Ice Cream Vampire Balls.

On Thursday we reviewed the interesting new ebook by Sarah Ballantyne, owner of The Paleo Mom, writer of The Paleo Approach and cohost of The Paleo View. It’s called The Paleo Approach Dinner Club and teaches you how to start a dinner party club with your friends.

Stacy’s Picks for this week! The Best New Paleo Recipes of the Week

This week on Pinterest, we’ve been pinning Halloween ideas! Need to come up with food for a Halloween party? Maybe you’ll find it here.

If savory is what you’re after perhaps these Spooky Sweet Potato “Worms” will make a creepy pre-trick or treat dinner. Maybe you’re looking for a party dish. If that’s the case, try this Bride of Frankenstein Dip or this Halloween Fruit Dip. When it’s snack time, we think you’ll love Paleo Mummy Dogs or Jack O’Lantern Apples.

But we all know that this is the candy and sweet holiday and what you really want is three courses of sugar! Start off with some spooky Double Chocolate Ghost Cookies, but move right into some candy. Predominantly Paleo has these delicious candies or you could try some Candied Figs.

If you’re being good and abstaining, we’ve also got something for you! Try these Healthy Halloween Treats for a candy-free alternative.

Want more recipes from us?

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Upcoming Events

We’ve got the Paleo View Book Signing Tour on the brain!

TPVBookTour with Paleo Parents and The Paleo Mom

Because it’s much better to travel with friends, some events will be with Stacy & Matt, one will be with Stacy, Matt & Sarah Ballantyne, some will be Stacy and Sarah, and one will be Stacy (and lots of other local paleo authors and bloggers along the way).  We don’t have every single little detail nailed down quite yet, but since our non-refundable airfare is booked we wanted to give you plenty of time to mark your calendars. Also, because there are space limitations we need you to RSVP to help us plan accordingly.

If you click each city name below, it will take you to the FREE RSVP event page!

11/1         Fairfax, VA (our Annual Costumed Candy-Free Halloween Party)

11/2         Arlington, VA (Health Conference with Sarah Ballantyne)

11/4         Bethesda, Md (Release Party)

11/5         Columbus, OH

11/6         Tampa, FL

11/7         Raleigh-Durham, NC

11/8         NYC, NY

11/9         Chicago, IL

11/10       Minneapolis, MN

11/11       Atlanta, GA

11/12       Phoenix, AZ

11/13       San Diego, CA

11/14       Portland, OR

11/15       Seattle, WA

11/21      Charlottesville, VA

11/22      Richmond, VA (AM)

11/22      Hampton Roads, VA (PM)

11/23      Baltimore, MD (AM)

11/24      Philadelphia, PA (afternoon)

To find out more details, head to our Event Page on our blog here.

Stacy and Matt will also be attending Paleo FX in both Austin, TX and Denver, CO in 2015!

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