TPV Podcast, Episode 92: Digestive Health

Our ninety-second show!

Ep. 92, Digestive Health

In this episode of The Paleo View, Sarah and Stacy catch up on life, and cover digestive health and how it may be impacted by a paleo diet.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 92, Digestive Health

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:47 – News & Views
    • Sarah got her first collar bone bruise from clean and jerk night at Crossfit
    • Stacy is “looking forward” to her ice bath post show – she has been hitting a lot of PRs as of late and her trainer thinks she may have central nervous system overload – Stacy shared more on the benefits of ice bath for recovery
    • Stacy and Sarah chatted more about recovery methods
    • Stacy shared more on the pain she is experiencing and the possible causes
    • Sarah shared on how much she has been enjoying Crossfit on boarding and how helpful Stacy has been while learning about lifting – Crossfit has given Sarah a source of strength despite other health challenges
    • Sarah shared more on the challenges she has been facing and how she is managing her health to the best of her abilities, specifically touching on the support she has received by being honest about her needs
    • There may be a delay with The Paleo Approach Cookbook release, but between Sarah’s site and Mickey Trescott’s amazing new book, The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook, there are some great resources to utilize in the mean time
    • Stacy is feeling burnt out on Real Life Paleo writing and shared on her experience with developing meal plans
    • This week’s theme is on what happens when you are going paleo and your digestion doesn’t work the way it is suppose to
  • 33:45 – Process of Digestion and the Role of the Different Organs
    • Sarah gave a quick snapshot on the course that food takes as it enters the mouth and travels through the digestive system, and all the different enzymes that the food interacts with along the way
    • Sarah also covered how signaling stems off of the individual steps of digestion and what that impacts on a larger level
  • 40:58 – Questions & Answers
    • Leah – experiencing severe issues with bloating since transitioning to paleo, what can I do to ease this?
      • Stacy thinks that Leah may not be properly absorbing nutrients
      • Stacy also touched on the importance of carbs within her personal diet and how balancing macros impacts her body’s ability to digest and absorb
      • It took a lot of trail and error for Stacy to understand what worked best for her body, and she encourages others to not lose hope and to test different macro structures within their diet
      • Try focusing on eating more carbs, which you can get from sweet potatoes, plantains, and white rice if you can tolerate it
      • Stacy also recommends to not eat a lot of poultry and to focus on some more easily digested proteins
      • Sarah mentioned the benefits of digestive support supplements if you do not have a gallbladder – check out this episode of The Paleo View for more information on the gallbladder
      • Either Diana Rodgers or The Paleo Mom Consulting could help further with troubleshooting
    • Anonymous – worried about nutrient absorption
      • If you are taking anything and it is aggravating your system, Stacy would suggest removing the supplement from your diet
      • However, Stacy points out that consulting with a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner would be greatly beneficial and is what she recommends anytime you are looking at adding supplements to your diet
      • Stacy also recommends that anonymous check out her blog post on this topic
      • Sarah talked about how different supplements could aggravate the situation and the benefits of consulting with a professional
    • Naz – what is the best way to test for food intolerances?
      • Stacy suggests asking a lot of questions to better understand muscle testing and how grounded in science the results are
      • Sarah shared her thoughts on muscle testing and blood testing to identify food intolerances
      • Sarah’s number one recommendation is to follow an elimination diet to truly test where her sensitivities may be – an autoimmune protocol may provide the elimination diet structure she needs
      • A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner will also be able to walk her through the elimination process
    • Cathy – FODMAPS diet information needed
      • Yes, you should be able to reintroduce foods after your gut heals
      • Check out Bill’s resources and posts on the FODMAP diet
      • Sarah shared more on the time needed to successfully complete a FODMAP diet and what to focus on when taking on this diet
  • Thanks everyone – we will be back next week with an amazing guest!
  • 1:22:44 – Outro

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