TPV Podcast, Episode 69: Paleo Philosophy Part 4

Our sixty-ninth show!
Ep. 69: Paleo Philosophy Part 4

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah cover Paleo Philosophy Part 4, the lifestyle elements. Click the links to revisit Paleo Philosophy part 12 and 3.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 69:

Paleo Philosophy Part 4

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:47 – News & Views
    • Virginia got a couple of inches of snow and then rain, which turned everything into an icy mess – Stacy and Matt have stocked up on their winter essentials and are ready to take on the next round of storms (i.e. they are baking cookies) 
    • Sarah is doing the same thing, but for the rain
    • Sarah hasn’t been feeling well for awhile, but right after the book was turned in she got much worse and had symptoms similar to pneumonia, baking has been a relaxing outlet as she gets better
    • Pot roast and cookies is all Stacy wants in the winter; Sarah doesn’t like pot roast
    • Stacy and Matt prefer to make their pot roast in a dutch oven, they aren’t really slow cooker fans
    • Sarah loves her slow cooker, which is also a pressure cooker in one – check out the Instant Pot
    • On last week’s show an awesome announcement was made about The Paleo View’s recent partnership with Be Well Radio – check out more information and similar podcasts here!
    • The blooper show from last week was pretty funny – don’t miss it! It is only 6 minutes long
    • Sarah reflected on the process of creating The Paleo Approach and how she will implement the lessons she learned with the cookbook release
  • 19:49 – Questions & Answers
    • Part 1, 2 and 3 of the Paleo Philosophy discussions were centered around paleo perceptions and misconceptions, so this week’s show will revisit the paleo perceptions discussion, but will focus on the lifestyle factors that are often associated with paleo
    • Coconut Oil
      • Stacy doesn’t cook with coconut oil in savory dishes, they typically uses it with sweet dishes
      • Stacy and Matt have most commonly used coconut oil to treat skin conditions
      • Stacy is not able to digest many fats, lard and coconut oil are the two that she likes the best and can tolerate
      • Sarah notes that Pure Indian Food’s ghee is cultured and has no trace casein, even her youngest daughter can tolerate it
      • Stacy also uses coconut oil topically because it is anti-microbial
      • Just like with bone broth, you don’t have to eat coconut oil by the spoon to gain the health benefits, simply consuming full-fat coconut milk in a smoothie will give you the same nutrient boost
      • The same nutrients that coconut oil gives you on the inside, also provides the same nutrient boost when applied on the outside
      • Both Sarah and Stacy use coconut oil as makeup remover
      • Sarah makes a balm that is tallow based because her kid’s have a hard time with coconut oil when there skin is incredibly dry
      • Stacy always puts Green Pasture Beauty Balm on her face at night
    • Lard
    • Stacy has found that moms in particular are interested in finding alternative hygiene products, especially after they learn about baby hygiene products and what is or is not safe for their kids
    • Hair Care
    • Sarah notes that people go the “crunchy” route for a number of reasons – sometimes you realize an organic product works better than a chemical based one does, sometimes it is about being environmentally friendly, sometimes its about wanting to optimize health – these aspects of a paleo lifestyle aren’t mandatory and people aren’t going to judge you for your choices
    • Cleaning Products
    • As you can see, adopting a paleo lifestyle is all about finding the balance that works for you and your life – you aren’t trying to achieve paleo perfectionist status 
    • Check out Amazon’s Subscribe and Save feature if you are looking to Amazon for any of these products, it is a great way to save some money
    • Fermenting
      • Jill from Fermented started it all 😉
      • The amazing thing about fermented foods is that it adds beneficial bacteria to our guts – they are pre-digested in a controlled way so that they are easier for us to digest and to absorb all the nutrients in those foods
      • There are so many different choices, so try different things and find what kind of fermented foods or beverages you enjoy
      • Stacy recommends Bubbies sauerkraut as a good starting point for fermented foods
      • Stacy’s boys also love Bubbies fermented relish and GT’s Kombucha
    • Natural Movement Shoe
    • Another thing that some link with paleo is Crossfit, which you don’t have to do when paleo, but you tend to find a lot of paleo folks in the Crossfit community and vice versa
    • Stacy and Sarah have a wonderful topic planned for next week, so be sure to tune in!
    • We will likely revisit the paleo philosophy discussion again very soon
    • The take away from this show, do what works for you!
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  • 1:16:39 Outro

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