TPV Podcast, Episode 55: Food Quality and Priorities

Our fifty-fifth show!
Ep. 55: Food Quality and Priorities

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah are joined by Kendall Kendrick from to chat about food quality and how to prioritize your food choices.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 55: Food Quality and Priorities

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 1:19 – News & Views
  • 24:15 – Science with Sarah
    • Lory – Are potatoes paleo? What are the most nutrient dense options?
      • If you are eliminating nightshades don’t eat potatoes
      • However, if you have no aversion to nightshades you are fine to eat them and can eat any kind
      • Potatoes do have nutritional value and provide a number of nutrients
      • The concern is around the amount of starch potatoes have and how that impacts weight loss
      • The other concern has been the glycoalkaloids that are in potatoes
      • If you are a healthy person you will be fine to consume them, but Sarah recommends that you peel off the skin
      • The levels of vitamins and minerals are similar from one kind of potato to the next – however, potatoes with darker pigments have higher antioxidant levels
      • Not all nightshades are created equal, so if you are eliminating the nightshade family you may be able to test the reintroduction of potatoes as your gut heals
  • 41:11 – Q&A
    • Wysteria – Have you ever noticed that industry meats, poultry and eggs affect you and your families differently?
      • Kendall has never noticed a difference, but has circumstances that prevent her from knowing for sure what leads to GI distress in her daughters
      • Stacy will only consume yolks from wheat-free eggs, but does find it hard to find soy-free eggs when purchasing wheat-free eggs
      • In Stacy’s home they use pastured eggs, and Stacy avoids eggs if they can’t buy pastured
      • Stacy has found that she is sensitive to eggs from chickens who eat wheat (check out this podcast episode where in the Science with Sarah this topic was discussed at greater length)
      • On meat, Stacy feels like conventional meat sits heavier in her system and her body doesn’t digest it as easily, but doesn’t really notice negative impacts
      • Sarah notes that some folks are very sensitive to high omega 6 levels, and will feel an impact from the high levels that are in conventional meat
      • Sarah didn’t feel bad when eating conventional meat, but did notice that she was healing faster from pasture raised meats
      • Stacy thinks that the issues may be linked to gluten cross-contamination
      • Stacy notes to check out Paleo Approved and how her sensitivities come through from the animal products she eats
    • (1:00:26) Karoline – Which conventional organ meats are safe? And which should always be purchased from pastured sources?
      • Stacy wants to first point out that trotters are pig feet for broth and they are incredibly tasty and gelatinous
      • If the only organ meat you can afford is conventional than do not worry about it – you will still be getting an amazing mix of vital nutrients
      • The liver may filter toxins, but does not store them
      • When you eat organ meat you are eating the minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that they store to perform their detoxifying functions and that is true no matter the source
      • The fat profile of the organ meats is where conventional versus pastured makes a different, but organ meats are naturally leaner than muscle
      • Sarah goes into greater detail with the individual cuts and how to navigate your buying options
      • Check out bone and organ meat options at your local farmer markets, and also ask local farms what they do with the offal from their butchered animals as some throw them out and might gladly pass them on to you
      • Stacy notes that a little bit of liver goes a long way and pastured liver is incredibly affordable – you can even order it through US Wellness Meats when they are offering their discounts every two weeks
    • (1:22:45) Thank you Kendall for coming on the show!
      • Stacy asked about urban farming and how to integrate various pieces while being mindful of city codes and limitations
      • Build a community and support system around you who share your passion for real food – it really can become a hobby to support the real food movement
    • (1:32:28) Outro

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