TPV Podcast, Episode 385: New Year’s Resolutions

On this week’s show, Stacy and Sarah talk about New Year’s Resolutions. Each of the hosts share their goals for the year ahead, why they are focusing on these changes, and how they will evolve these goals into sustainable shifts over the course of 12-months. Stacy and Sarah hope to provide listeners with the ideas and inspiration to tackle their resolutions in meaningful and sustainable ways. Tune in below!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 385: New Year’s Resolutions

Welcome back to The Paleo View! (0:40)

Stacy and Sarah hope you had a Happy New Year’s and want to officially say happy 2020!

2019 was such a fantastic year for Stacy, and her focus in 2020 is to give back.

Stacy can’t go on in the show without sharing how grateful she is to the listeners and for Sarah for her partnership all of these years.

She is so grateful for all that her family has been able to do with and through this community.

It is clear as Stacy looks ahead to 2020 that she wants to create helpful and inspiring content, but also give back in other ways.

On this week’s episode, Stacy and Sarah will be talking about resolutions since this is typically a time of reflection for many.

Whether or not you are a person who does resolutions, Stacy and Sarah want to help set you up for success as you head into this new year.

For Stacy, she wants to live a life of gratitude.

This will be the year of gratitude for her.


Sarah’s Resolutions

Sarah wants to echo what Stacy said and also thank the listeners.

Looking back on 2019, Sarah feels that she learned a lot of really hard lessons.

Sarah reflected back on what she experienced and learned from the challenges she faced.

It was a real wake up call for Sarah to see what happened as she put her health journey on hold to grow professionally.

Over the past few months, Sarah has been making proactive changes to address this challenge.

Not only has Sarah been taking steps to change the day to day behaviors, but she has made a difficult decision that has impacted the larger picture as a whole.

In 2020, Sarah will not be attending any conferences or events.

She also made the choice to cancel her workshop that was scheduled for February.

Those who were really looking forward to that workshop were so understanding, and Sarah appreciated that so deeply.

Sarah was encouraged by her doctor to look at 2020 as her sabbatical year.

She will use this time to figure out what work pace is right for her. (11:22)

In the year ahead Sarah wants to figure out how to both advance her health journey and career.

She would also like to focus on her family.

Sarah also wants to finish the Gut Microbiome book she has been working on.

In the spirit of her sabbatical year, Sarah will focus on the things that are her ideas and her projects, that are why she loves doing what she does.

Sarah has already been working on these goals for the past couple of months and her new year’s resolutions are to just keep going.


More on Stacy’s Resolutions

Stacy thinks it is so important to be able to prioritize the things we need when we need them.

The phrase that Stacy keeps top of mind is, “you can’t be there for other people if you are not there for yourself first.”

Stacy’s personal year of gratitude resolution is to live intentionally and thoughtfully for others in a way that gives back to her family. (20:31) 

She hopes to be an inspiration and a helping hand to others.


Breaking It Down

Sarah likes to always make her resolutions habit focused instead of goal-focused.

More specifically, Sarah looks at how to form good habits, as opposed to how to break bad habits.

It is much more sustainable to focus on repeating a good habit that Sarah wants to form routinely.

One of the habits she is working on is eating breakfast every day.

This is the only diet-related resolution Sarah needs to make because this one habit naturally creates a domino effect of other good habits.

For Stacy, she is focusing on being solution-oriented.

If there is not something she can do to solve a problem, she will focus on being less negative and moving on.

This applies to so many different areas of her life, like living with people who have ADHD.

These changes to how Stacy responds to situations will greatly impact her mental health.

Another one of the things that Sarah is working to do is take a meditation break at least once during the day. (28:29)

Sarah is using guided meditations during this time, specifically ones that are guided as self-compassion.

She will also use this time to build in a daily gratitude practice as part of her meditation time.

The research shows that taking the opportunity to focus on feeling grateful for the things we do have is very helpful for mental health, resilience, reducing anxiety, and developing positivity and optimism.

Sarah has been making sure that she is taking the time to acknowledge the small things that she often overlooks.

Matt and Stacy are committed to getting back to a date night once a week.

Stacy shared more on why this is such an important goal for her in 2020.

Sarah and her husband have committed to having early bedtimes together.

They each have their own book and cuddle up and read, which has been a nice change in their evening routine.


Rapid Fire Goal Sharing

Stacy saw so many positive wins in 2019 when she committed to doing water aerobics and will continue to prioritize that time in 2020. (37:36)

She will also focus on walking activities and making time to sit in the hot tub.

Another tangible resolution that Sarah is focusing on is Joovving at least six times a week.

Stacy did a souping resolution last year and the year before that.

She focuses on having a cup of soup or broth every day.

See resources on souping here, here and here.

Another tangible goal that Sarah is working on is taking one full day off every week. (45:42)

On this day she doesn’t even turn on her computer or check social media.

This will be a hard one for Sarah to stick to, as she feels guilty taking the time off.

Stacy will focus on this habit as well, especially as it pertains to putting her phone down and away.

For those who work from home or online, it is hard to walk away entirely


Closing Thoughts

Matt and Stacy’s family is going through a process right now that is a huge project. (50:29)

When Matt and Stacy listed their house and the sale didn’t go through, they realized it didn’t happen for a reason.

Stacy shared more about this all here.

Sharing in a genuine way is an important aspect to both Stacy and Sarah.

Sarah appreciates that The Paleo View listeners understand when things are hard to discuss and share in the messy middle.

Wrapping up this episode with gratitude, Sarah so appreciates the loyal listeners that keep coming back to participate in this community.

Stacy gave a big communal group hug, letting listeners know that they are here for them, just as the listeners are here for them.

Thank you so much for being here!

Stacy and Sarah wish listeners all the best in the year to come! (55:25)

They will be back again next week as always!

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