TPV Podcast, Episode 340: The Paleo Mom Workshop

the paleo view podcast episode 340 the paleo mom workshop

In this episode, Sarah shares her incredible experience at the first ever Paleo Mom Workshop! She shares her highlights,

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 340: The Paleo Mom Workshop

    • (0:00) Intro

      • Sarah still has a voice after her epic Workshop and Retreat at 1440 Multiversity!
        • Sarah says it was an incredible experience. The location, 1440 Multiversity, was amazing. They were steps from a redwood forest! The food was incredible – tons of vegetables, delicious coffee, plenty to eat. The presentation stage was gorgeous.
        • Good news! Sarah will be doing another retreat next year so if you missed out, stay tuned for more on that.
        • Participants were able to take advantage of free classes like yoga and tai chi between Sarah’s lectures.
        • And Sarah says the people were the best part. It’s so special to connect with her community and see them connecting with each other.
        • Attendees had 3 major highlights:
          • 1. The new info Sarah presented (a lot of which isn’t even on her blog)
          • 2. Being able to go somewhere and eat 100% AIP food
          • 3. The community and connections that were made
        • Sarah can sum it up in one word: “Profound”
    • (14:50) Sarah’s top 3 picks for information nuggets

      • If you wished you were there, Sarah had a film crew record all the sessions which means a virtual version of the workshop will be available for purchase on her website! Keep an eye out for that in the next couple weeks.
      • 1. Sarah did a deep dive into gut microbiome health. Most of this info hasn’t been shared anywhere yet. The one that got the cheers was dark chocolate! The polyphenols in cacao support the growth of good bacteria and inhibit the bad.
      • 2. Sarah did a presentation on healthy weight loss and maintenance. Here are the major takeaways:
        • Eat at a modest caloric deficit
        • Get 30% of calories from protein, 30-40% carbs, and 30-40% healthy fats
        • Lots of vegetables and fiber
        • Lots of sleep
        • Hydration
        • Dial in Vitamin D status
        • Exercise – even just get a getting a walk is one of the best appetite regulators
        • Distracted eating: if you eat while in front of a screen, you’ll eat more and you’ll eat more later in the day. Family meals or eating socially don’t qualify as distracted eating.
      • 3. The overall arch of the presentations:
        • History of nutrition science
        • Impact of scientific studies and how to understand them
        • Foundations of health (diet and lifestyle)
        • Modifying the foundations for different chronic diseases
        • Microbiome
        • Healthy weight loss
        • The problem with fad diets and how to troubleshoot
        • How our health choices translate to the environment and global sustainability
    • (25:20) Wrap up

      • Stacy reunited with her local paleo community this weekend!
      • Russ Crandall, from The Domestic Man, has a new book coming out which Stacy is very excited for! Keep an eye out for that!
      • Regarding chocolate, the benefits are in the cacao so the higher the chocolate percentage the better.
      • Get your questions in! We want to hear from you! And there’s no end to questions we can answer and topics we can address!
      • Engage on social media! That’s how we get feedback!
      • Thank you for listening.

the paleo view podcast episode 340 the paleo mom workshop

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