TPV Podcast, Episode 279: Sarah and the Tonsillectomy

Ep. 279: Sarah and the Tonsillectomy

In this episode, Sarah talks about her decision to proceed with a tonsillectomy for her daughter.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 279: Sarah and the Tonsillectomy

  • News and Views (0:41)
    • Stacy thanks you for your well wishes on the anniversary of her brother Andrew’s death
    • Sarah’s daughter recently had a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy after a long struggle to get her tonsils back to normal.
    • Sarah and her family have a history of having inflamed tonsils.
    • While there is a small role for tonsils, possibly as a early warning system for the immune system, you can easily live without them.
    • Sarah had a lot of antibiotics for strep because of tonsils and wonders how that affected her health.
    • Her daughter also had a lot of strep as well despite a healthy lifestyle. Recently, that had increased in frequency as well.
    • This summer, the tonsils had swollen and wouldn’t go back down to the point of affecting her sleep. They had to come out.
    • She had the surgery and also had her adenoids out at the same time.
    • Sarah has been giving her recovery foods, but feels guilty that they are juice and popsicles.
    • DON’T WORRY about such things! You are getting her through a tough time!
    • Remember: make the best decisions you can for your kids and don’t dwell on what could have been.
    • And medicine is not the enemy! It will save your life!
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  • Outro (35:52)

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