TPV Podcast, Episode 255: Live Show Part 1

Ep. 255: Live Show Part 1

In this episode, it’s the first part of our first live show! We take live questions and answer them thorougly!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 255: Live Show Part 1

  • Intro (0:00)
  • Welcome to the live show (:40)
  • How this show is different from our normal shows
    • There’s a live audience (duh!)
    • We are in the same room
    • We don’t have notes, which is really unusual for Sarah!
  • Sarah’s family is visiting Stacy’s for the holiday weekend
    • The road trip was tiring for Sarah’s family
    • Yesterday they took all the kids from the National Mall to all the national memorials
    • Sarah’s kids are dual citizens, and there’s a great tie-in with what they’re learning in school
  • Finn and Adele say “hi” to the audience
  • Laurel’s Question: should she introduce her toddler to wheat given her family’s history with Celiac disease?
    • Sarah says there’s some scientific evidence for the idea of introducing Top 8 Allergen Foods before weaning to reduce overt reactions
      • This might work because of the positive effects of antibodies from breast milk and its gut protecting benefits
    • Once you’ve missed that window, other things that affect a reaction are gut health, stress (maybe not for toddlers), sleep, activity
    • If you’re doing all the things to promote a healthy lifestyle and gut health, there’s a higher probability you won’t see a reaction
    • In that case, it might help you feel a little more at ease in case your child is accidentally exposed to the allergen
    • Stacy and Matt went through this with their youngest, who was never exposed to allergens intentionally, and had a good experience with his preschool even when he was accidentally exposed to wheat because his immune system is so strong from years of a healthy gut and great lifestyle choices
    • Sarah’s youngest has a stronger reaction to dairy than to gluten, and she’s tested raw, A2 milk with her (her tonsils swelled up in 5 minutes and stayed swollen for months, so that was a no-go as a cross-contamination exposure)
      • Interestingly, we think the tonsils are an early-detection system for food antigens we don’t deal well with
      • Upwards of 50% of kids awaiting tonsillectomies will see a reduction in swelling when they go dairy-free. Sarah’s thinking is the other 50% are probably just dealing with another type of food sensitivity.
    • Unfortunately, sometimes the challenge part of reintroductions can yield tricky reactions. We just have to plan for different outcomes
    • Stacy says try not to worry too much about what your children will choose for themselves when they get older
  • Can you develop Celiac if you’re never exposed to Gluten?
    • Sarah says it’s a Chicken ‘n Egg situation: we can’t test if there’s no exposure, but we can’t know if you were never going to develop it either way
    • If you have the predisposition, immune dysregulation, but are missing the trigger, you can’t actually develop without it. Stacy asks, “what about Gluten cross-reactivity?”
      • In the case of Celiac, it’s not actually antibody driven. The damage to the intestine is driven by the zonulin response. Sarah hasn’t seen any papers indicating Celiac can be triggered by rice or corn, for example, likely because kids living without any gluten exposure is a fairly new concept
      • Also no evidence (to Sarah’s knowledge) of a zonulin response to a different protein, other than gluten
    • Basically, comes down to the idea that you can’t get a positive Celiac test result without exposure. False negatives are common
  • Amy’s question: what’s the optimal time to start solids, given that he has some symptoms of eczema which would indicate problems with gut health?
    • Usually, 6 months is the standard, as gut becomes mature enough for solids around this time
    • There’s also evidence that introducing solids actually drives the maturation of the gut
    • There really isn’t a way to know whether your baby’s gut is mature or not
    • You could also start with a little sauerkraut juice, sips of broth to help prepare the gut for solids
    • The other signs you’re looking for are tongue thrusts, baby’s interest in solids, not spitting things out, baby is sitting up straight — these are all signs used in baby-led weaning
    • Stacy and Matt called this the “lazy” approach to parenting, but it’s actually very instinctual and closer to the attachment parenting style
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  • Outro (34:55)


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