TPV Podcast, Episode 248: Eczema, Kids, and Paleo

Ep. 248: Eczema, Kids, and Paleo

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah talk about eczema, how to treat it with diet and how to get your kids on board for it.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 248: Eczema, Kids, and Paleo

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    • We’re back! Thanks for joining us!
    • For the record, this is episode 248. Episode 249 will be in two weeks. They ARE bad at episode math!
    • And we’ve never missed a single week!
    • Stacy tells a story about letting go when people act crazy at you for silly reasons. So if you’re not happy with our podcast, that’s totally fine!
    • Sarah is done with all of Paleo Principles now! Only editing now! Still coming out September 5th! And look out for the audiobook too!
    • Today’s topic is about Eczema in kids and how do you get your kid to accept healing food choices.
  • Question (14:32): “I am a mom of four boys, two of whom have eczema.  My 11 year old is really struggling lately.  He has had eczema for years but it is getting worse.  He has discoloration on his arms due to the eczema and since July has had recurring skin infections.  The doctors (pediatrician and dermatologist) have no other suggestions besides creams and oral antibiotics.  I asked about tips for trying an elimination diet, or further testing for food sensitivities and was told that diet doesn’t make much of a difference (which I don’t believe). Do you have suggestions on how to proceed?  Should we start with an elimination diet/paleo or should he have further medical testing?  Or testing for food sensitivities?  He had basic allergy testing a few years ago that was negative.  We use natural skin care and cleaning products.  He also has a history of being on antibiotics quite a bit in the past–frequent ear infections and ear tubes as an infant, then 8 or more bouts of strep throat about 4 years ago.  He has been on oral antibiotics three times since July for the skin infection, and another time we waited to fill a prescription and just used an prescription antibiotic ointment that helped for the most part.  I hate for him to be on antibiotics again but he showed me tonight that he has some spots that are severe and look infected again.  I am desperate for some advice! I am working on going paleo myself, but am not 100% at this time.  Any suggestions on how to help the family get on board?  I recently found your podcast and keep hearing about the paleo family toolkit but it seems that it isn’t available anymore.  Any tips would be appreciated.  Thanks!”
    • Stacy’s son Finn had eczema. We approached this by doing it as a family, not just him alone. We often do family “junk food resets” that we commit to for a certain amount of time. Stacy recommends clean paleo eating for 2 weeks to 30 days commitment.
    • Focus on non-food celebrations or activities. Stacy used to do family games instead of desserts.
    • An elimination diet will be key for these issues. Symptoms seem to be a gut dysbiosis
    • Eczema is hard to draw a link to a food sensitivities. Remember sensitivity is different from an allergy because no antibodies are formed.
    • Food intolerances and food allergies are linked to eczema, but not necessarily sensitivities, but ditching the top 8 allergenic foods is a recommendation for eczema for years.
    • Sarah actually cleared her own eczema with paleo
    • Eczema is thought to be a barrier abnormality in the skin that is allowing bad things into the skin. “Leaky skin”
    • Sarah reminds you not to feel shame about taking antibiotics, though frequent use can harm the gut microbiome. There’s a link between gut health with skin health
    • Key nutrients for skin barrier health are Retinoic acid (Vitamin A) and Vitamin D. Get those checked! The supplement with Vitamin D3 if below 30 and retest!
    • Some 70% are deficient in Vitamin D and 57% are deficient in Vitamin A!
    • Also, zinc is good for skin health
    • Make sure you get protein, especially the amino acid Glycine (found in collagen and gelatin in good amounts! Try Vital Protein!), Arginine, and Glutamine
    • Look at your diet to determine if your diet is sufficient for a healthy skin barrier. Make sure you’re getting plenty of fruits and veggies as well.
    • See if you can sneak in more nutrition into the diet (maybe ground organ meats into other ground meat)
    • Stacy says to remind kids that elimination diet isn’t necessarily forever. You may be able to reintroduce foods later on.
    • And your child will get used to it, especially when they notice that eating certain things causes them issues.
    • Sarah recommends a procedure to getting closer to elimination (Try Real Life Paleo!) and adding veggies and Omega-3s (from seafood, especially or fish oil) as you move towards it.
    • Fish oil by itself can improve gut microbiome in only two weeks!
    • Also, eat raw ferments like pickles and sauerkraut, kombucha, water kefir, etc. as well to get the big diversity of bacteria. There could be up to 650 strains in these foods as opposed to 20 strains in supplements! Remember: the live stuff, not the pasteurized.
    • Yogurt might be good as well, but dairy is often linked to skin issues.
    • Check into nightshades because that’s also often a trigger (tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, etc.)
    • Skin care products:
    • Look into better cleaning products as well like detergents and other cleaners that will be gentler.
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