TPV Podcast, Episode 213: What Do I Do After a Bad Reaction?

Ep. 213: What Do I Do After a Bad Reaction?



In this episode, Stacy and Sarah talk about how to avoid and how to recover from a reaction to foods you eat.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 213: What Do I Do After a Bad Reaction?

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (0:40)
  • Hope asks (13:38): “There are times when I choose to or have to eat out (food allergies here) and despite being very careful with what I order and informing the server/kitchen staff, something goes wrong in my digestive system (and I know it within minutes)…what can I take/do to lessen the negative effects and start getting my system calmed down and back on track? I know there isn’t a magic bullet so to speak, just hoping for some advice on some things to do/try.”
    • Stacy says that her reactions have lessened over time, so there is hope!
    • Chris Kresser talks about the bell curve of healing: at first you don’t recognize your reactions, then they become so severe as the stand out more, then after healing they aren’t as bad.
    • There is a difference between food intolerances and allergies in terms of recovery:
      • Intolerances have a shorter immune “memory”. You may experience a lesser reaction after only 6 months to a year.
      • Memory for allergies is much much longer.
      • If your reactions are due to gut health, then healing the gut might make them go away!
      • Some reactions just will never go away. And that’s when you learn to live with it.
    • There is a new product call Glutenza that helps with gluten exposure developed for celiacs who are accidentally exposed to gluten.
      • Has digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics that are intended to digest gluten and break it up before your immune system reacts to it.
      • Digests 99% of gluten in an hour so that reactions are reduced.
      • Intended for celiacs to make cross-contamination less of a problem, not so they can eat bread!
      • Sarah uses it and it has not had reactions.
    • Stacy’s mom is anaphylactic to gluten and has learned to scout her food very well.
    • Maybe if you’re reacting to foods, your digestive system isn’t optimized.
    • See this post on Stacy’s digestive system healing
    • There are ways to increase your stomach acid. Supplements (HCl and Ox Bile), adding lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to your water, chewing well and not drinking during eating.
    • How do you talk to a wait staff/kitchen staff?
      • Do research before hand! Find a place that is allergen friendly. We us Yelp and FindMeGlutenFree.
      • You can’t ask questions of someone who won’t know the answer!
      • Some places will be more friendly than you expect. Stacy found that the Italian restaurant Maggiano’s sent out the chef who custom made a meal for her around her intolerances.
      • Know what to ask and make sure you’re talking to an educated person.
      • Don’t be embarrassed! You’re paying for a meal and they want you to be happy so you’ll come back. They want to help you!
      • Come up with a joke or a line to break the mood. Stacy always says: “We’re high maintenance but we tip well!”
      • Be clear and thorough with what you’re looking for. Describe what you’re looking for.
      • Let them get excited about making you something special! Most waiters aren’t going to be frustrated.
      • If you get bad vibes and can’t trust the restaurant, walk away!
    • Recovery! What if you are exposed and need to heal?
      • Sleep and rest and hydration. Like you have the flu!
      • Nutrient density: organ meat, vegetables, broth, seafood, and vegetables. She means a lot of vegetables.
      • And don’t re-expose yourself.
      • Check out the Paleo BRAT Diet on The Paleo Mom site. Also known as the SCABB Diet!’
    • Pay attention and see if you can correlate something to your reactions!
    • Check out Dining Paleo in DC series.
  • Outro (49:28)


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