This Is 38.

This is 38 on my birthday… well the internet version anyway.

Let’s put 37 on review:

  • I found my new sport: water aerobics!
  • After a 20 year career as an executive in government contracts, I left corporate America.
  • I am living the dream of being my own boss, helping people live healthier lives, and empowering entrepreneurs believe in themselves.
  • The family traveled to Europe with the boys for a once in a lifetime trip with their grandmas for Spring Break.
  • I traveled all over the entire US for 60 days with my boys.
  • I healed inter-personally, reconnecting with people I haven’t spoken to in years, mending relationships, and working on positive outlook, assuming the best instead of the worst.
  • We decided to fight for our marriage, and celebrated my 17th anniversary with my best friend 💞

I’d say it was one hell of an amazing year! And now, 38 will be just as big as we prepare to leave the home state we’ve only ever known, Virginia. We are planning to move to Tampa over the holidays! <eek, tell me all the things I need to know about Tampa Bay!!

This year has been one of incredible reflection. I realized how precious and short life is, and how time is our most precious commodity. And I wanted to change my life to spend that time the way I wanted with who I wanted. At times it felt like a mid-life crisis, but I leaned in, listened, and trusted myself.

After much communication with the family, we all agreed it was best for everyone if I tried to make Beautycounter my full-time gig. But that meant sacrifices, and how lucky was I that everyone was willing to make them?! 38 is already exciting and I’m so grateful!

If there’s one thing I’ll say from all of this, it’s to listen to your dreams. Find your true goals, hidden deep beyond your fears and disbeliefs. Tell yourself you can do it, and find a way!

OK fine, I admit…
this is the real reality of my messy about-to-move life at 38

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