The Whole View, Season 3 Ep 35: Skeptic’s Guide to Non-Toxic Cookware & Sustainable Gift Giving w/ Matthew McCarry

Welcome Matthew McCarry back to the Whole View! This week, Stacy and Matt discuss non-toxic cookware and sustainable gift giving! They share how years of experience and education has influenced their purchases and give personal recommendations to help listeners nail down their shopping lists.

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Key Takeaways


  • Stacy spent a lot of time researching for her non-toxic cookware review, so she wanted to talk give more color to where she’s coming from in terms of the science.
  • Spoiler alert: some of the brands she’d even used in the past are not so great.
  • Matt is the cook in their family, (outside of their oldest who is on track to be a chef!). Matt mostly uses cast iron, and was really pleased to know that was not a bad choice, including the enamelware, which he was a little worried about. It was one of those things he purposely avoided checking because he didn’t want to find out it was bad.

Non-Toxic Cookware & Sustainable Gifts

  • How they make cookware is something that companies will hide. They won’t tell you everything, and part of that is they don’t want somebody to replicate their process. Another part of that is they’re actually hiding something, and Matt has reached the point where he’s not willing to trust anyone anymore.
  • When Matt and Stacy first started living together, they went to a thrift store and bought scratched, chipping non-stick cookware. They know now it was the worst thing that they could have bought, but they were young and had no money. So that’s what they bought and used for a while.
  • When they replaced it, they did it a little bit over time with mostly enamel, cast iron, Staub, and Le Creuset, especially when they were doing cookbooks and taking photos. They’re made to last a lifetime, and they’re passed down generation to generation.
  • They were also using GreenPan for years, thinking that it’s called “green” pan for a reason. It’s marketed as healthy, PFAS free, non-toxic cookware. But there are 12,000 known PFAS, so part of the problem about not being able to trust people is a brand can certify that something is “PFAS free,” but they could just be testing three or five different kinds of PFAS.
  • Stacy and Matt discussed their favorite picks this year for sustainable gift giving!

Topics Discussed 

  • PFAS was an accidental invention. Scientists realized that the way the chemical structure bonds came together from this manmade inorganic material created an impenetrable surface. And it has it’s positives and negatives. It allows us to fight fires, fix oil rig eruptions, and it’s a special kind of flame retardant to put fires out.
  • Then industries started thinking about it from a practical application perspective. Putting it on a pan makes the pan non-porous, which means no food particles will stick.
  • There has been a lot of controversy specifically about the manufacturing process and how it was damaging the people who lived around where PFAS was being manufactured, because the waste from the manufacturing process got into the water supply.
  • There are a lot of contaminated areas of the country from the manufacturing sources of all of these things, and even the military came out with a directive to clean up some of the PFAS.
  • Because it’s impenetrable, it means it’s a “forever chemical” and will never break down environmentally. The biggest problem with PFAS is that cleaning it up is incredibly difficult and expensive. It’s even in our rainwater.

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