The Whole View, Season 3 Ep 20: Building Self Trust without Toxic Positivity w/ Molly Goodman

Welcome Molly Goodman to the Whole View! This week, Stacy and Molly dive into toxic positivity to determine how we can build better self-trust. They explore how trauma plays into happiness and Molly offers actionable steps listeners can take toward become their best selves.

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Key Takeaways


  • Molly is a former chronic yo-yo dieter and a recovering people-pleaser/perfectionist. She knows all too well how easy it is to let old stories dictate your thoughts.
  • After years of chasing external validation, she finally shifted her beliefs and lean into the intuitive self trust she needed. Now, she guides others forward while honoring true needs, observing habits, and expanding into a next level version of themselves.

Building Self Trust without Toxic Positivity

  • As someone constantly looking to remove the control and perfectionism Stacy has expected of herself since youth, building a bridge to self compassion, self-acceptance has been incredibly healing and brought health and happiness to her life. She absolutely attribute improved health markers to reducing stress, which meant eliminating toxic positivity, denial about how I was really treating my body or thinking about it. 

Topics discussed

  • Molly defines these terms:
    • Self control vs. self trust
    • Building a bridge toward self-acceptance (vs. toxic positivity)
  • Stacy didn’t fully understand the term “toxic positivity” until working with foster teens with severe trauma. An expectation that they “just be happy because they’re X now… safe, secure, provided and cared for”  is not respecting their lived experience.
  • Also, it uses a very simplistic mentality of emotions. Of course someone can be grieving SO much loss from being a foster child AND be grateful for the safe space to process that. 
  • This is a LONG journey as Stacy hasn’t yet fully detached “fixer mode” from perfectionism and people pleasing. You said “as someone who has dealt with a lot of perfectionism and people pleasing, I can pretty confidently say that my old default setting was “fixer mode.” If she wasn’t being of service, tending to someone’s emotional needs, or solving problems, then what good was she?

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Note: Stacy and her guests are not medical professionals. This podcast is for general educational purposes and NOT intended to diagnose, advise, or treat any physical or mental illness. We always recommend you consult a licensed service provider.

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