Spring Break 2018: Cruising, Harry Potter, and Easter with The Paleo Mom

We’re finally home! We’ve spent the last two weeks traveling, cruising, and enjoying each other’s company… and it’s been wonderful! If you didn’t hear, we drove down to Florida to board a cruise, which was the boys’ Christmas gift this year and first time leaving the US. We shared our top 10 spring break essentials here!

They had a gigantic chess board (a la Harry Potter!) that we played endlessly, and it was awesome! Even Wesley (kind of) learned. Each day the boys would head up to the area, on an open deck overlooking the ocean, and we’d start taking turns playing each other in between swims and water slides and rock walls and climbing towers. After each thing that exhausted them, there was a round of chess.

We also went to the cruise game room often after dinner for more chess and other games. I think it’s super cool my kids like chess and board games. I’m not one to really be able to enjoy “relaxation” well (I enjoy keeping busy) but this – I could do everyday! Now I really want a wizard’s chess at home… how to find the space?!

After the cruise we headed over to Georgia for our first home cooked meal in over a week – Easter dinner with The Paleo Mom! She made Kalua Pork and cabbage cooked in the juices, steamed broccoli, asparagus, pineapple, and rice. Followed by board games galore! We had a blast hanging out – going to the science museum together and letting our kids play as we spent two days just chatting and catching up. Don’t miss our LIVE podcast if you wanna know more!

The fun didn’t stop there – as soon as we got home, slept in our beds for one day before dropping the kids off with friends and family, then heading to New York. Because magic is real and dreams really do come true! Two years ago Matt got me tickets to Cursed Child in London. We planned for his brother, who lived with us, to stay with the boys while we took our first international trip together. But even before he gifted them to me for Christmas, his brother passed and we cancelled our plans to go. It was heartbreaking, that whole time period was awful. Ultimately we gave the tickets away to a family who was local there and were fans on our social media; we loved that they were ultimately enjoyed with love.

I thought I’d never get to see the show, I had mentally moved on. But then at Christmas this year I asked for NYC tickets when I heard it was coming across the pond. But resale was all that was available because of how much scalpers buy up tickets, and being that it’s a double show it was way beyond our budget. Again, heartbroken. But then a few weeks ago while randomly on a news website, the sidebar ads told me about a limited run of pre-show tickets available BEFORE the opening. Could it be?! And, we get to see the show before anyone else in the US?!

Harry Potter is special to us because we fell in love reading it together. Our 15th anniversary we went to Universal to visit the Wizarding World without kids. We’re geeks and Potter-heads and proud! And yes, we got tickets!! Now this show is even more special knowing what it took to get here. Persistence and determination with a bit of luck… isn’t that just the Harry Potter & friends way?

Thanks for hanging in there with us while we’ve been traveling what seems like around the world. We’ll be back and to our regularly scheduled lives shortly! We hope you had a great spring break, if you got one. Being in the Caribbean sure made us look forward to warmer weather and the springtime ahead! We promise, a recap blog post with our tips for surviving a cruise eating clean and not having any children go overboard is coming soon!

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