UPDATE: Stacy’s Skincare Routine with Primal Life Organics

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Back in April of 2013 I wrote a blog post about my skincare routine. I have battled issues with cystic acne at different periods in my life, and what I have learned is that what I put in my body largely affects my skin. Similarly, what I put ON my body also affects my skin, and it isn’t hard to understand why. The cleaner the ingredients in the food we eat, the better we feel AND the cleaner the ingredients in the products that we use ON our bodies also plays a big role in how clear our skin is.

It’s actually a fairly simple concept, and one that dermatologists and skincare commercials seem to completely evade. Our skin is also largely impacted by the hormones coursing through our bodies, and some of these hormone bursts are completely natural, like those that happen when you go through puberty, are pregnant or breastfeeding. On the other hand, some hormone imbalances can be caused by what we eat. I know I am not alone in my constant battle with the sugar monster, even in the form of healthier paleo sweets. But when I have too many, other than the fact that my energy crashes and I feel crummy, my face breaks out.  I also notice a breakout when I have nightshades and some other foods I avoid on my modified Autoimmune Protocol.

So, throwback to April of last year, I had just read the The Skintervention Guide and started using Primal Life Organics products, and in conjunction with my modified Autoimmune Protocol diet I was seeing so much improvement in my skin!

Skintervention PLO Before and After by PaleoParents

But back when I wrote my original post about my skincare routine, I had just begun the long journey on the Autoimmune Protocol, and I hadn’t begun training for Strongman competitions as intensely as I do now. So a lot has changed in over a year! I’ve been able to reintroduce eggs and dairy into my diet, and I am able to also tolerate some nightshades in a small amount, on a rare occasion. Although I still love sweets and treats, training for Strongman has been a huge motivation for me in staying away from sweets because I can tell how much it negatively affects my training. My body is getting healthier and healthier all the time, and it shows on my face as well!

Stacy and FinnSee how clear my skin is now? And how cute Finnian is, of course!

So what am I doing these days to keep my skin and hair clear, clean and healthy?

Primal Life Organics Collage

1. I still make a point to eat plenty of nutrient dense foods, including daily bone broth soup, and I still take some great supplements that help my body function the best way it can, since I don’t have a gallbladder.

2. I use Primal Life Organics Banished Face Wash and Toner to help keep my skin clear, glowing and free of breakouts. Since I am more motivated right now to stay away from sweets, my breakouts are much less frequent, but when I do have one, I use the Banished Primal Blemish Serum to spot treat.

3. Although I used to use Primal Life Organics  Dirty Poo twice a week, I have found that I sweat too much with frequent workouts and like to wash my hair more often now with a cleaner store bought brand in conjunction with the Sea Salt Texturizing Spray to keep my curls healthy. Where I used to have to use a bunch of chemical products when I washed so frequently, now all I need is the new AWESOME Sea Salt Texturizing Spray to keep my curls healthy. I love getting out of the shower, letting it air dry a bit and then spraying this – it feels like I am just walking off a beach and does wonders for the volume and frizz of my hair. I also have the Primal Hair Spray, which I use on occasion, but most of the time I just let my hair fall into loose curls with the Sea Salt Spray.

Healthy Curly Hair

4. To keep my teeth healthy, I brush with the Primal Life Organics Dirty Mouth Primal Toothpowder, and I also started using Grunt Primal Lip Balm to keep my smackers healthy and moisturized!

5. I’ve also added the Torn Up Primal Skin Repair to my routine to help heal my hands from the tough treatment they get when I lift heavy things at the gym.

I’ve also recently received Primal Life Organic‘s Sun-Up Before Sun Protector collection and I can’t wait to test it out when we go on vacation in a few weeks with my boys!

sun protector

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