Give Back Special & Beautycounter Holiday Launch

I’m wearing
Lip Intense in First Date and the Winter Jewels palette Onyx as wet liner.


This is my 2nd year of being a part of a mission focused on cancer prevention during October. What I’ve learned is that means sharing awareness of how to help PREVENT cancer. Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t just eating a salad and working out – there are thousands of chemicals in our environment, some of which are known toxins.

Did you know 99% of breast cancer cells have parabens in them? Yet most American “hygiene” products contain them! Just 40 year ago 1 in 20 women had breast cancer, as opposed to the 1 in EIGHT today. And that increase isn’t genetic, 85% of those with breast cancer were not genetically disposed. That tells me, it’s our lifestyle and environment. After all, over 80% of what we put on our bodies is absorbed to our bloodstream within 26 seconds.

It’s not easy to make gluten-free, non-toxic, natural, vegan, etc. products that perform. I tried other brands for YEARS; the point of all of this is to prove that we don’t have to compromise the quality of our skincare and cosmetics to also have them be safe. And not just for me, but for my family – Matt & the boys all use these products too.

I was the mom who enjoyed the 10 minutes of peace and quiet as my kids dumped entire bottles of low cost and quality body wash in each bath they took… But as I learned more, I had to do more. And the results speak for themselves – Finn recently told me “soap is no longer my kryptonite” because it doesn’t burn and sting his sensitive skin and we’re able to comb his hair without a chisel, not to mention the difference it has made in reducing the inflammation in my skin!

No need to compromise performance when using cleaner cosmetics!
I’m wearing Lip Intense in 9 to 5 and the Winter Jewels palette Onyx as wet liner.

 Which leads me to making Beautycounter more affordable and more accessible for you and your loved ones! I’m offering a LOT of options this month! First of all, we launched a WISHLIST feature – wohoo! You can fill out this form and we’ll work with whomever you request on getting you goodies! Or, refer a loved one to fill out a wishlist themselves and you can gift it to them!

click the image to complete your wishlist!
Why would you want a wishlist? Um, because the holiday launch today is AH-MAZE-ING, with items people have been asking for or talking about for as long as I’ve been a consultant. Wanna know more? I made this video for you!

click video to watch my top 7 picks and 3 honorable mentions ♥
Video can be found by clicking here

I’ve also loaded tutorials on the Healthy Inside & Out YouTube Channel and Facebook Group for the following:

As a recap, here are October’s specials discussed in the video. First of all, Beautycounter HQ is donating 1:1 for every Mini Glow and Go set sold they will donate one to a women’s cancer center! I’m going to compound that giving, with THREE options for you! This month I’m going to be donating – and it’s YOUR CHOICE where! Make sure you order from to qualify so I can track your order!


Donate 1:1 by me – for each order over $100 from 10/6-10/23 I’ll send a “Non-Toxic Get Started Kit” and send to anyone of your choosing, either a friend or family member or I will drop off to the local cancer center and provide a free information class. If you’d like to send more than one I’d be happy to do that; the cost per kit will be $25 shipped. Includes:
  • 1 bottle of Mini Oil (*which means BC will donate one too!)
  • charcoal bar & mask (sample size)
  • citrus mimosa body wash in travel size bpa-free bottle
  • mini bottle set of skincare line – rejuvenating or nourishing
  • information sheet on why it matters and how to use the products


I will donate 10% of ANY ORDER you place ($5 or $500) to a family in Puerto Rico to help them arrive to the states safely. Our own team member, Jen (who I teamed up with August’s charity event and is herself the most giving of people), has an entire family stranded on the island – including children and 94 yo grandmother. This donation will help them get off the island with a safe place to live and start over here in the states. This is where I’ll be donating, and you’re welcome to do so directly as well! I love being able to directly support individuals without overhead to larger charity organization – nothing like looking those you’ve helped in the eye!


I will GIVE YOU 10% of ANY ORDER you place ($5 or $500) as a Gift Card for yourself or friend or family member. This will be a virtual Gift Card and will come with instructions on how to use it – I can send that directly to the recipient (with info on BC if you’d like) or e-mail it to you directly.
–> For all of these options, I’ll e-mail to arrange the details upon receipt of your order confirmation, remember to shop at to get the deal! Totals are based on prices after Band of Beauty credits are used and before tax and shipping.
Not one for a lot of make-up, I love me some
Volumizing Mascara & Rosewood gloss (from the neutral set

 As discussed in the video, if you’re overwhelmed by choices from the holiday sets, here are my top 5 7 favorite items (I tried to do 5 but just couldn’t):

*NOTE: Perfect for the gift giving season – for every Mini Glow and Go Set that’s purchased, BC will be donating one; which means for every 3 “Non-Toxic Get Started Kits” I do a whole set will be donated!

 I never would have tried burgundy, but the nudes palette got me like 😍
and I think it really pops with the green in my eyes!

I didn’t list them, because I feel it’s obvious, but if you don’t yet have all the oils and masks, they are a STEAL and I’d HIGHLY recommend jumping on these deals:

still have a long list you want?
create your own wish list!
but whatever you do…
don’t wait


Some of these products launching are BRAND NEW like the liquid liner, eye shadow palette, illuminating trio, lip intense, all the glosses (there’s also a return of Poppy Lip Duo!), and Counterman. Debut items have been selling out in as short as one day and not lasting longer than a week or two. Beautycounter ordered three times as much stock as previously, but I bought the items I want extra of for the holidays early this morning because I’m afraid they’ll sell out.

It’s not easy to make gluten-free, non-toxic, natural, vegan, etc. products that perform. The point of all of this is to prove that we don’t have to compromise the quality of our skincare and cosmetics to also have them be safe. If you’ve been waiting to try Beautycounter because you don’t believe the hype or maybe because you don’t know where to start, I hope I’ve helped. There’s also a fantastic return policy! So, if it’s something you’re considering, I recommend jump in! I know I regretted not doing so sooner – PLUS my special offer this month is only valid through October 23, 2017

Because it’s a favorite photo and good reminder… in Xavier’s lap, the folder of FDA-required testing. In his hand, all the testing they did for a recent product launch – including 3rd party tests for heavy metals, plasticides, and individual ingredient safety. Not just parabens and sulfate-free, legit university-level testing to ensure it’s safe.

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