March Forth for the US and Ukraine

It’s Beautycounter’s NINTH birthday today, the day we March Forth for health protective laws for all. I’m sharing some educational info below and I’d love your help advocating! I’m also doing a fundraiser so we can March Forth for the US and Ukraine! If you decide to take advantage of free shipping weekend celebration, I’m donating ALL of my commission to your choice of MOAS for Ukraine or ACLU. Simply choose your charity of choice in the pop-up at checkout. So far we’ve raised $1,474.40 for Ukraine and $315.90 for ACLU!

MOAS has representatives present in the field and is working to deploy Mobile Medical Teams to the crisis-affected regions, alongside ambulance services and pharmaceutical aid.


Going to DC!

Thanks to you, in April I will march on DC to talk with our representatives about the importance of passing clean beauty laws. Only 20 people earned a seat at the table with key decision makers, and I’m so grateful I get to be one of them!

The good news is, you can do it from home, too! YOU can be an advocate too! Over the last 9 years our collective voices have had a significant impact, look at the laws we’ve help pass so far!

Next up, trying to change the Federal law. The last Federal law update to personal care products was 1938, before many of the thousands of chemicals used today even existed. The FDA cannot even recall a product when it is later found to be harmful, when ideally we would be testing products for safety before letting consumers be guinea pigs.

If you’d like to ask your representatives to support more health protective legislation, follow the text prompt below and then click the link to submit an updated e-mail to your representatives.

Today WE MARCH FORTH. We need YOU to participate – whether you are texting letters to legislators to ask for better health-protective laws, are supporting the brand’s missing through purchases, hosting events to spread the word, or considering joining us – this story is one you will get to say you helped shape!

Here are FOUR ways to March Forth today:

  1. Text BETTERBEAUTY and BANPFAS to 52886 to urge Congress to pass better beauty laws.
  2. Text MICA to 52886 to ask our government leaders to uphold laws already in place but not well enforced.
  3. Shop brands who are working to eradicate child labor and put safer products into the hands of everyone, like Beautycounter. Bonus: you also get to support my small woman-owned business and a B Corporation!
  4. Join our mission-driven purpose as a better beauty ambassador, Beautycounter is offering a free skincare set (and free shipping)!

Even if you’ve reached out to legislators before, they refresh their own agendas so frequently. Even quarterly reach outs remind them it’s still an important matter!Image

While Beautycounter does advocate as part of a Counteract Coalition of like-minded brands (like Seventh Generation cleaning products and Rahua hair, or Cote nail polish), our products go above and beyond, even Sephora called us the Leaders in Clean.

I love how these products tell the story of our brand:

  • Sheer Genius, and all color cosmetics has every batch screened for heavy metal contaminants;
  • Dew Skin’s breakthrough for mineral-SPF without white-cast;
  • Beyond Gloss uses sustainable, fair trade, audited mica and vanilla;
  • Charcoal Mask debuted packaging to ensure safer formulas stay clean;
  • Countermatch innovated with a preservative-free plant-based formula made possible by an airless pump that inhibits bacterial growth;
  • Overnight Resurfacing Peel launched in sustainable glass bottles sourced in the US to reduce carbon footprint;
  • Countertime is THE first EWG-verified anti-aging line to test as effective as Retinol without safety risks by using Retinatural;
  • All Bright C Serum was 2 years in development, 200 iterations for high performance, safe formula proven effective, and
  • In 2021 we debuted PCR materials and refillable products with Clean Deothe Body Collection, and Cheeky Clean Creamy Blush.

If you take text action, comment to let me know – I’d love to send you a thank you!


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